H.R. 915: FAA Reauthorization Act of 2009

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    This bill may have not caught many UPS employees attention, but it is a very important bill for all UPS employees. Take a look at it and write/e-mail your representatives urging them to support it (if you agree with it, of course). It was just reported on by the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and will soon be going to the House and then the Senate for a vote.

    A section within the overall bill would amend the Railway Labor Act, which covers both railroads and airlines, to say that people who work for express carrier shall only be covered by the RLA if they are in an FAA-certified job such as a pilot or airplane mechanic. All others, including the ground fleet drivers, would come under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). [source: Journal of Commerce, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure]

    UPS began as a ground operation that later added air services and is covered under the NLRA. FedEx started as an airline that later added ground services and is covered under the RLA.

    Does it make sense to have both companies under different law/standards? Do both companies do the same thing? Why should one company be covered by one law and the other company by a different law if they both do the same thing?
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    It has the attention of FedEx...
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    The link to the Commercial Appeal article is awesome. It makes Fed-Ex sound like they have a inferiority complex.
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    that is a nice commercial