Had Altercation at work with long time UPSer...

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    Hi everyone. Im a first time poster but have lurked around for a while. I am REALLY sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but i need some advice.

    I have worked for UPS for 6 years. In the hub. Fast paced work and tempers flare up. We are in a hub that is probably one of the crummier (for lack of a better term) hubs i have seen. I love the company and it provides well for my family and I. Tonight i had an altercation with a fellow employee. Hes mentally unstable in my opinion. This employee has had ALOT of previous altercations with people. He has punched holes in walls,smashed packages, and said some racist and inappropriate things. Told a woman hub worker that she should "go eat a midol sandwich" and threw a package at her.But thats just background.
    The altercation tonight involved very heated and hateful words towards me and preceded to throw a very large box at me. As well as a few smaller ones. I kept my cool throughout and ended up not getting disciplined. I jumped out of the way otherwise i wouldve got nailed by the box. My record there is clean while his has previous disciplinary issues. Talked with my supervisor and it seems like once again, hes going to "get away with it". I am tempted to call up to Portland (the main hub in my state) to get some more advice. But i truely feel like he couldve hurt me and maybe jeopardized my well being. I feel he gets treated differently than others because hes worked there for 17 years. Can someone PLEASE help me here. What should i do? Were supposed to resume work on sunday like nothing ever happened.
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    No damage has been done to you yet so you need to stay out of it and mind your own business but:
    -document everything (date, time and what was said) when his explosive episodes occur;
    -maybe a "fitness for duty" exam would determine if he has some outside problems causing the outbursts;
    -you have the right to defend yourself but don't go looking for trouble.

    I suspect management is well aware of his behavior.
    Again, avoid if you can....don't go looking for trouble.
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    Call the Hub Manager who is over the shift and file a complaint with HR dept. and then get paper work on everything that was stated and and who you talked to. This how UPS is they will wait until it gets to the point of no return with these types of issues. Just had something like this happen today on preload Am. I have told the HR and Preload manager that something needs to be do but the just set back and say don't yell back. I would call the local to let them know as well. Our local does not as my BA says "we don't get in the middle of something like this until someone gets let go." I will send e-mails to my BA telling him of issues like this and how is going to blow up and it does most of the time. Call the employee hot line as well. You should not have to deal this kind of Sh**. Now some will tell you that you are just putting a teamster in trouble. Well all I can say is F*** that. When it comes to your personal safety nothing comes before that.
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    This company has a legal obligation to provide you with a safe work environment, which includes one free from this kind of harrassment and abuse. If local management doesn't get rid of this guy, I'd go over his head.
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    Get real this guy needs to go for a while it should have not gone on this long. The guy needs to seek help and no one should have to work anywhere like this.
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    Yeah thats what i was not wanting to do. I will give my sort supe notice before i go over his head. Ive had altercations before but since my file is spotless its obvious i know what NOT to do. I kept cool throughout the whole thing even though i wanted to jump over the belt and get at him. I know you are never supposed to damage a customers property.A supervisor saw the entire thing. Thank you sir.
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    Thank you. That was alot of help. Do you know the employee hotline? Or is it different with every state? I really dont feel like im getting a fair shake. I feel as if I wouldve been the one to throw a box i would definitely be out of there. Im actually thinking about quitting just so i dont have to put up with that. Sorry but i dont know what a BA is. I will call my sort supervisor tomorrow and go over things with him. I even told him that i felt it was wrong to have him remain working across from me. He stormed off into the office and about 15 mins later he came right back and i told a supe "really? The guy just threw packages at me." They pretty much said, we dont want to deal with moving people around so we'll just talk next week about it. Thx again.
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    Call your business agent and explain everything. He is your best option at getting this resolved in your best interests. If he is worth his weight in salt he can handle it before this guy gets fired. Chances are he will know how to defuse this before this person get canned. This person might be bipolar and need a job where he works by himself.
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    You can go to HR but be prepared (worse case) that they move either you are him. If it were me i would have let a box hit me and then called the police.
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    Yup, he should have gone down like a ton of bricks, then gone to the hospital, then called police.
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    BUT.........if this employee EVER hits someone with a box, UPS is going to be in a world of hurt. The OP is on record reporting an assault, and UPS has done ZERO about the workplace violence.
    The next person to get hurt by this guy is gonna have a helluva lawsuit.
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    Tell him to go across the street in the parking lot and practice falling down until you get there.:wink2:
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    Very true.

    First and foremost, were there any witnesses to this incident? If so, are they willing to back your story 100% without fail? If so, you should call the police and file a complaint for a criminal battery.

    If the company fails to protect you, you must protect yourself. However, if there were NO witnesses, or unreliable witnesses, meaning, they would probably change the story later down the line, then the best course of action is to report the incident to your supe, then HR and demand a safe work environment without fear of reprisals from this other employee.

    All the previous actions by this employee, if not documented, DONT MEAN A THING. You may feel differently, but the proof is in the pudding. Your psycological conclusions about his mental state are worthless.

    You have to have reliable witnesses or your case is just another case of HE said/she said and that wont get you far.

    Protect yourself at all times, memorialize the incident in writing immediately, gather your witnesess while the incidents are fresh and take that to HR if your supe doesnt immediately investigate the matter.

    Good Luck. As Mills Lane used to say "keep your hands up at all times"

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    if you building is like mine I'm pretty sure all the package throwing was caught on video.
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    I think most centers have someone who fits the description of this character. And frankly, I think the center teams are afraid of them, hence, no action. And for your own safety, if this does go further (and it should) be prepared for retaliation from this unstable individual.
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    No actually this guy was responsible for getting rid of cameras we had around the building. I am not even joking about that. There were 2 or 3 witnesses. One was a supe that i asked if he saw everything and he responded "I saw everything"
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    I have just contacted the main hub manager. My hub supervisors supervisor. I have told him to contact the super that saw it all. He said i did the right thing to start. Contact head of local mgmt. I feel alot better about it. For the night i was feeling like a punk who shouldve stood up for myself and retaliated. But he told me i did god not retaliating and asked if i was being disciplined and i told him i wasnt. His response was that no matter how long someone works there, no one gets away with throwing boxes at someone.He said he will document it and to call him back if i need to add anything. Thanks guys for your hospitality and advice. I will update later.
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    If there aren't camera's in your center then use your cell phone.
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    why dont you tell him to take it outside of work and punch his teeth into the back of his head, if the guys a jerk then fix him