hall it's time too MAN UP

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 407steward, Aug 17, 2011.

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    When is this guy going to lay down the law and get ups off our backs about production? It's time too do something and quit being their friend.
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    You got that right but he is with Hoffy
  3. The Other Side

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    aint going to happen.

  4. BigUnionGuy

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    Why don't you "man up" and document the problem, then show you have a set and file a grievance ?

    Or do you need someone to hold your hand ?

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    Wow, you took that really personal . Could you be a "big union guy" from washington dc?? Hmmmm. Anyway, the brother is right on. We file grievances all the time. UPS just laughs. Our current "leadership" in Washington are door mats for management. Our local's hands are tied by this do nothing Hoffa regime. It's time to get off their lazy, out of touch asses and fight back OR GET OUT OF THE WAY !! There are leaders out their fighting the good fight on the local level who havent been corrupted and neutered by being in Washington for too long. If Junior and Kenny Boy cant get the job done, the time has come to make a big change: SANDY POPE!!
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    Bug I've filed my share and I win most of the time. That not what I mean by manning up. How about backing up the locals. All of them not just the ones who supported Hoffa in the last election. It's a boys club. If you are any king of big union mother trucker you know what I'm talking about. The international docent care about the little teamster anymore and it sucks. Record profits and we are still being treated like it's the great depression by ups. Those stickers were a joke and you know it. How about going and picketing outside some big time ups shippers and tell the what's going on. I bet ups wouldn't like that. Think outside the box like the real Jimmy Hoffa not corporate JR.
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    In my center, they just pay the over 9.5 grievances. Doesn't seem to bother them a bit.

    Definitely isn't slowing the over-dispatch craziness any...

    Looked at ~90 routes this morning on the comp screen...all but one of 'em in the red and the other one in the yellow.

    If you file the grievances and the company just pays them (must somehow be cheaper in their calculus), and the dispatch never changes, what now BUG?
  8. menotyou

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    Just because I am out on comp with the same injury UPS gave to me? Why is our leader expecting us to do his job? I have bigger brass balls than he does if that's how he runs his business!

  9. hypocrisy

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    Right about now, if you had Acted Collectively, you would have had the local news crew at your gate filming motivated, organized, loud package drivers waving their white salt-stained shirts and holding signs exposing the excessive overtime, heat casualties, and more.

    Same story every year, waiting for those at the top to solve your problems at the local level. The National Union moves slow and necessarily so. The power is in the Members. Use it.

  10. BigUnionGuy

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    I am sure that you know the "Real" UPS motto.....

    UPS .... Where the men are men.... and so are the women....:wink2:

  11. The Other Side

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    Then what CROWBAR,

    Lose the support of the customers when "we" collectively look like idiots complaining that we have a job, make close to 100K a year with full benefits while the unemployment rate sits at close to 9.5%?

    I am sorry, but this is the stupidest idea ive heard on this board yet. Dont take it personally.

    Standing in front of the hub, and contacting a news agency to broadcast our complaints is something out of the twighlight zone. If you think that the public would support our "whining" that we work too much while they sit and watch TV cashing an unemployment check and then hearing how we are paid "triple time" for the violations is something you should re think.

    IF you are paid the penalty for the violation of excessive overtime, guess what?? YOU ARE MADE WHOLE. Indeed, you cant get the hours back to spend with your families, but you are WHOLE.

    Sure, the company is paying outrageous money in overtime because of these ridiculous cuts, but they dont care. They arent smart enought to do the math. Remember, those in charge now dont have the first clue on how to run this business.

    Ever since the did the dinosaur removal back in 94, the company lost its way to production. They believed they could "dumb" down this job enough where some IE GEEK could punch up a few numbers and make magic happen. Now, they can hire off the street monkeys who dont have the first clue on how a package route is run or the daily intangibles effect the day and they make decisions that end up costing the company three times as much to get the days business done.

    Its all over. Every state, every region, every hub. From unload to preload to package. MONEY flies out the window each and everyday. I just clicked 69K for the year in package with 4 months to go. With the inclusion of peak pay, I should crack 100K AGAIN in the package division.

    UPS can blame itself for the high pay. My whole hub works close to 12 hours a day.. it has an 1145 average paid day. That should tell you that you have some guys out 13 hours and some out 10 hours. Ridiculous?

    Sure, but the triple time pay is gravy on a fat turkey.

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  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    $69K YTD??? I am just shy of $43K. How much of that is grievance money?
  13. The Other Side

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    Some is triple time penalty for excessive OVERTIME.... free money, a little more sweat, a little less free time.

  14. hypocrisy

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    Like we lost the support of the customers in 1997? Did the company fold?

    I'm sorry but, in my opinion, your fears don't hold water.

    If the drivers framed it in the right way, arguing that the excessive overtime is not only keeping them from their families but also keeping others from opportunity at UPS it could have an impact. Stockholders and Management alike hate negative press. Our 1997 strike didn't end so early because UPS couldn't outlast us, it was the shining light that made the cockroaches scatter. I've read several stories where they have touched on how companies aren't hiring and are continuing to overburden their workforce. This Country was better and stronger when Companies made sure there were jobs instead of cutting everyone they could.

    Take Vegas for example. It used be that if you came into town they treated you like a high-roller even if you weren't: someone opened your door for you and greeted you, then called the Valet over to take your car. Someone else opened the door to the casino. The receptionist welcomed you by name and remembered your favorite room. Your bags were brought promptly to your room. Cocktails came quickly at the tables and the pit boss didn't need you to show your card to get comped. There were keno runners and cocktail waitresses constantly coming in and out of the cafe. Someone was always tidying up the floor and there was an attendant in the restroom. That was just the way the service was. Now you wait for valet. Wait for the bellhop. Wait again in a line at the reception desk. Wait for your bags again in the room. Wait for the towels housekeeping neglected to give you. Wait wait wait because all those jobs have been cut. Well I'm tired of waiting when I'm spending money (and Vegas costs more than it ever did).

    I'm tired of waiting for my packages til 7:30 at night on a Friday because my driver has more than 200 stops every day. I'm tired of paying more to UPS for substandard service. My stuff for my side business that comes Fedex Ground is there before noon and gets here one day earlier. When I was back in package my old customers said the same thing: that when I was there the could set the clock by when I would deliver but now it's a different driver and a different time every day. One good friend of mine even takes all his pkgs to the post office because it's so much cheaper and faster. THAT is what will kill the company by losing customers, not negative press or bloated paychecks.

    You may enjoy the triple time pay and I'm happy for you. It's what hall worked so hard to accomplish. Everyone should be filing and getting that pay. Most are not. Many others would rather have some semblance of their lives back. I'm in Feeders, but I was amazed at the peak levels of work these guys are doing during the Summer when I was kicked back for a little while after the recession. No one I talked to was satisfied with the triple time pay (and really, if they are willing to pay you triple time doesn't that say that your regular pay is 2x less than it should be?)

    For those who want a solution to the problem: try something different....ACT!

    It's our company, not theirs. Our blood, sweat, and tears makes this company what it is every day. Stop thinking you work for them and make them work for you.
  15. The Other Side

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    What I am telling you is that TELEVISION is not the arena to fight our fight. Look at Wisconsin. Lots of hard working people there and the media (and especially fox news and right wing radio) exploited and made fun of those protesting at the capitol in Wisconsin.

    All the talk on FOXED SPEWS is about unions and how they cry for handouts. The simple fact that we already have a remedy for excessive overtime in the form of triple time pay will fall on deaf ears no matter how its presented.

    IF there wasnt a remedy for the action of excessive overtime, then you may have a point, but that's the agreement that was made between the Union and the Company and the members RATIFIED it.

    Indeed, we are working more hours now than ever before, this is something that has been growing expodentially over the last 5 years. In the last contract agreement, the union and the company agreed on a solution to settle excessive overtime and that leaves us without an excuse to complain publicly.

    Our fight is with out own locals and the international. That fight must be understood by the eboard in charge at the time of negotiations, and negotiated in 2013.

    We have to be careful however. If we complain about overtime too harshly, the company could simply put more trucks on the road and reduce us all to 8 hours a day (max) and there are alot of drivers who like or need the overtime.

    The company, like all companies in todays political climate are cutting jobs to keep the unemployment rate high as to effect the next presidential election. Its that simple. They would rather pay the high remedy to us than place another truck on the road. They have bigger plans while working with other corporations

    UPS, with all its talk about safety, has been running its drivers into the ground and it could care less. They take the grievances, calculate how much to pay, and cut a check.

    Going to the media wont cure this problem. UPS only has to say "WE" agreed to a remedy of triple time for excessive overtime and its game over for those on camera with their sweat stained white T shirts.

  16. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    A better tactic, if one wants to use it, is injuries. How many injuries did we have on average before the ramp up in overtime compared to now? Definitely worth a look, at least.
  17. The Other Side

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    Agreed. Here in southern california, excessive overtime in extreme heat causes more injuries. Today, cars were cut, temps are expected to hit the 100's all week and our dispatch will run 1130 to 12 hours. Something else to consider is the increase in SICK DAYS since the route cutting began.

    Drivers are soo tired, they are now burning all their sick days just to rest.

    UPS in its wisdom, doesnt have the first clue about the increase in sick days.

  18. moreluck

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    ....."Here in southern california, excessive overtime in extreme heat causes ..............." (TOS)

    Just remarked to a friend the other day that we only hit 80 degrees twice so far this summer in SoCal where I live.
    Extreme heat is 100 degrees and 99% humidity in N. Carolina or 115 degrees in Phoenix or Las Vegas. If you call SoCal extreme heat, you will get laughed out of the room!!
  19. menotyou

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    Here in NNY, we are just finally getting a break. We have humidity that won't let your laundry dry. It puts a major hurting on the body!! Special considerations like these should be in he next negotiations.
  20. hypocrisy

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