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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by speeddemon, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. speeddemon

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    I want to see if UPS does the smart thing and dispatches its drivers today in order to get people in earlier than normal as to miss the onslaught of kids going trick or treating tonight. Its a nightmare waiting to happen with a bunch of UPS trucks out at night with unsupervised little ones all over the roads. On Wednesday morning, come post how long you worked. I am curious to see which center manager has half a brain or not.
  2. wornoutupser

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    Come on speed, do you really expect to see a center manager with a brain?

    Really- do you expect to see a district manager that will allow a center manager to use his/her brain instead of cowering in fear of the morning call that tells them how many runs to have that day? That is how it works here..
  3. Joseph Grimm

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    We are instructed to take extra caution on driver release stops. But for lowering dispatch for early return to building times is No. The focus on safety is on the driver. Usually I try to run the kid heavy area before Trick or Treat hours. But with the guaranteed delivery and pickup times that is going to be tough this year.
  4. 30andout

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    After last year with del in a verry congested neighbourhood, I just told center manager if this happens again I'll just take a break till trick or treat is over. Its a safety issue. I'll be in when I'm done.
  5. danlin

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    We don't even start till 900am (that is why I am posting at 8:11) therefore 8hrs isn't till 600 and who gets 8hrs anymore? And with the time change...guess you can see where I am going with this.
  6. MoparMan

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    11 hour day for me. punched out @ 19:35. completely disgusted with the managment team today. they said this morning that we had an extra 3000 packages come into the building that they didn't know about (ya right!!) yet they were sending people home this morning. It would have been safer to deliver in a snowstorm than all the residential area i had. i sure got a lot of candy though!!:thumbup1:
  7. Ms Spoken

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    Crazy night for me on my route. The main Hwy was shut down due to an accident. The rumor around town was that a child was walking to close to the road and was ran over.

    As for the lack of "dispatch" I only had pkgs on three of my shelfs. Someone forgot to hit the reset button and my loader had 40 stops in a rural area crammed in my 5000 sec. But, hey I got to miss out on seeing my kids all dressed up tonight as usual.
  8. jlphotog

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    Sorry to disappoint you wornout, but our manager does. And yes he instructed us to be back as early as possible. I wont go into any detail on how in a public forum. But it worked out well.
  9. MoparMan

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    interesting.......now i'm curious.
  10. rapidrandall

    rapidrandall slow but sure

    Our center manager ran two extra routes today and told us to call for help if we didn't have all resi off by metro. It's no coincidence that our ERI went up seven points this year.

  11. Punched out at 9:20 tonight, which was earlier than two of the routes i border. Absolutely retarded! I would like to know if there have ever been any serious incidents involving BIG Brown and trick-or-treaters. You would think that it would cause public outcry, which I guess is what it would take to get lower dispatches on Halloween. Maybe the union should take this on as a safety issue and negotiate 8hr days on Halloween for everyone. They sure wouldn't get any public sympathy if this was a sticking point during negotiations. And if they ignore it, which they would, bring em back to the barn and let a tie deliver them. Wishful thinking......I know....
  12. asdfasdfasdf

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    I ran a split trip that usually has 155-165 stops. Mostly residential, usually 20-25 sig stops.

    Halloween dispatch was 207 stops, lol. Had to do my last 40 or so stops in the darkness with children galavanting all over.

    Made it back in the building @ 7PM.
  13. brown67

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    8 hour day. Nice to have some seniority. I start at 8:30 and was off the clock at 17:15. Home at 17:35 and out with my son at 17:45 for some trick-or-treating.:) Really nice day today. I actually finish my del. (with lunch) about 20 min b4 I could start picking up today.

    Will say this about Halloween. The last time I was out late on Halloween I scored a lot of candy. So there is that bonus.
  14. Braveheart

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    Clocked out about 710pm, which ain't bad but still after dark. Half my building was still out after me. UPS does not give a crap about safety! We even had cover drivers sitting home. How stupid is that?!
  15. helenofcalifornia

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    Last year they sent out more trucks. This year just told to drive extra careful and watch out for those trick and treaters! I was in at 6 with about 1/3 of the other drivers. It really is all about the bottom dollar now isn't it.
  16. danlin

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    Am on a downtown route, we were really heavy like always on Tuesdays.
    Left building at 933, preload is never down in this building. Skipped lunch and still couldn't do all business by 500. On car sup comes out and takes bout 10 stops at 415. He then tells me we have a bunch of resis that will have to be delivered.
    I Take my lunch from 530-630 Sup brings out 30 resis that are in areas very unfamiliar to me. I am doin the stop and go thing looking for adds on houses and little kids are runnning everywhere around and in front of the truck. UPS "we are all about safety"
  17. rngri4

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    Myself and the other dispatch sup in our building were both instructed by our center manager to dispatch accordingly so the drivers could come in early, and spend time with their families, and more importantly for the safety reasons of kids walking in front of trucks etc. Herein lied the problem though, they had no drivers or cover drivers available for the extra routes, very poor planning, since they told some cover drivers to come in and work preload, when they were needed on the road.
  18. psstdrvr

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    I'm laughing all the way to the bank the way we're dispached in ELI,NY; ytd salary $75,000 so far!!!! Should break $100k this year!!!!!!! Thanks Mike for pushing the PAS system. Hey election day next Tuesday ...... double time plus the holiday, ain't this job great!! Keep smiling at the bosses it gets them :censored2:.
  19. over9five

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    Punched out at 8:30 Halloween. I will say I like seeing all the people out, and I love going up to the houses with the kids and yelling "trick or treat!". (Probably cuz I never got home in time to do it with my own kids).

    However, this flies in the face of safety, and anyone on a safety committee should hang their heads in shame. How can this NOT be a safety issue???
  20. browniehound

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    Because if you're using the 5 seeing habits you'll be protected and nothing in the world can cause you danger. If somebody gets injured, its your fault.

    My opinion: eat the loss for 1 day and put as many routes in as possible. There is no value for a human life