Terminal Dispatch Time??

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by okcthunderfan, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. okcthunderfan

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    It seems that almost everyday our terminal doesn't stop the load belt until at least 945-1015. I see amazon and UPS on the roads at 9. I have tried talking to our terminal leadership multiple times our dispatch time however nothing changes. They are running 30-35 loaders per sort when it has been admitted to me that they need to staff about 70. This makes our drivers get out late, giving them less time to complete service before having to get pick ups. (You miss a pick up and its the end of the world for them). They are their own worst enemy. Can any other ISP relate at another terminal?
  2. It will be fine

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    Dispatch whenever you need to. Late trailers are the norm now. I cut my guys at 8:30-9 depending on volume regardless of if preload is finished. There’s no sense in holding them just so they get 10 more pieces and fail to deliver 20 because of the wait. If you wait and finish everything there’s no problem for them.
  3. TNT Frosty

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    It sounds like the the OP, is just a driver... we spoke to our union over here, and so long you have your numbers.. once it hits 0900 we are outta there
  4. Star B

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    @TNT Frosty You have to remember that FedEx ground pickup/deliver/package movement (linehaul) here in the states done under contractors, not employees of FedEx.

    For example, @It will be fine is an owner of a company that contracts to ground, and I think @okcthunderfan is also.
  5. XEQaF

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    It is the norm. I guess your concern is that anything you leave will be left for the next day which can be noted as a service failure if you decide to dispatch before the end of the sort. I believe FXG is determined to build it's volume by grabbing every contract possible but hasn't figured out they don't have the structure or logistics in place to handle the increase in not only volume by size of freight they are accepting in the system.
  6. Fred's Myth

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    Another example of why XG can't service FX overnight service.
  7. Cactus

    Cactus Just telling it like it is

    Also they’re not paying nearly enough in wages to keep anyone around doing physical labor for very long.
  8. bacha29

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    Sort managers only have X amount of time and man hours to get that trailer pulled off. When those man hours were exhausted in the AM ours would send the sort people on their way leaving the job of pulling, sorting and reloading to the contractors or their employees.
  9. dmac1

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    Hold back one truck and give some of his stops/pickups to surrounding routes. Then load all the 'late' packages on the late truck. Maybe even use a smaller truck that will be able to get around more quickly.
  10. TNT Frosty

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    I see what your thinking there.. however... customers.. wont be seeing it that way... say that was to happen...
    Ill go by states as an example (just think of them as small areas)

    Driver who does UT stays back, waiting for late truck... Driver who does NV takes a few of UT drops, so he doesnt have as much to take... however, that late truck also has drops going to NV as well... well; now that UT truck has to go to NV with the late parcels...
    Mean while, the driver who left on time (NV), first does UT stops, but then gets angry customers at NV, because his late, and missis drop times, and even depot open times...
    And the truck who is running late, well, his warehouse open times are well shot, and would almost have to come back with at least half the freight..
    If all it was, were home deliveries, and to be done till like 7pm, and your paid till you get back to depot.. in the perfect world.. would you like to start at 5am, find out your staying behind.. waiting till 10-11am, to leave the depot... then clocking off at 7pm.... thats a 14hour shift right there. (and ive sadly read alot of the messages here, and working more then 8 hours, you could watch harry potter series, and still not enough time to read the negative remarks)
  11. Cactus

    Cactus Just telling it like it is

    That’s because the company is way too cheap to give the sort managers the time and man hours they really need.
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  12. XEQaF

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    It just goes back to a failure in the system they created. Occasionally you have to build unforeseen circumstances as a reality to late dispatching but when it becomes a regular occurrence it affects your service and your bottom line.
    Ever notice as a contractor you don't get compensated for late dispatches due to sort issues, but you absorb the cost that causes you? But God forbid you are a couple minutes late on a pick up window and get dinged there! Doesn't work both ways does it
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  13. TNT Frosty

    TNT Frosty Member

    With enough spit, it can go both ways ;)
  14. Harrison

    Harrison New Member

    In our contracts FXG can hold us until 10am. I say at 10:01am, send your drivers out. Anything scanned to the trucks after 10:00am, should be a terminal DNA but, you know they will DNA it on the contractor. My suggestion: for every scan after 10am that turns into a Dna, save that trucking number, you can obtain it on the DSW, track it on the Fedex website then save it.

    If your terminal is by the book, then you need to be as well. Save every single tracking number that’s DNAd onto you after 10am. Save it, build your case then get contractor relations involved.

    My current terminal isn’t by the book. They know and understand the need of relationships between Operation Managers, terminal managers, BCs, contractor and drivers. Our terminal won’t unload a trailer if it arrives after 730am, that’s not a bad day. They know they can’t be successful if we are not successful.