Halp us Jon Carry

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tonyexpress, Nov 1, 2006.

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    Now thats funny...........and Bush's college GPA was higher than Kerrys, that seems to be overlooked a lot.
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    Funny, Yes and I am so grateful that our soldiers have a sense of humor.

    What a freakin idiot, John Kerry YOU SUCK.

    I am so happy I thank God every night he is not our president.

    It does not matter what side you are on, and no matter how you twisted it, It was a bad statement. Evil, and elitous.
    I have listened to every media outlet there is and it wasnt a word left out, it wasnt a joke, it wasnt taken out of context, it wasnt misinterpreted, it wasnt innapropriate, it wasnt about Bush, it is how he truly feels about our military.
    Let him talk about Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Hasstert, thats fair game. They can handle it. If they cant too bad. But to call, insinuate only the dumb or poor go to war just shows how much he knows about issues.

    My son is in the military. And he did not go to the military because of lack of choice. Colleges were vying for his enrollment since the tenth grade. Among the brightest and best of the class of 1996. And In Kerrys era, sometimes the bottom of the barrel did go to Vietnam, (which is probaly why he was there), but also patriotic Men and women who wanted to make a difference, and were proud to serve. But it isnt that way anymore and he should know that. It is volunteer Idiot, we dont take the dropouts or the ones who have a choice between college or draft. We take those who want to serve. I was so mad when I heard the comment even before it became the Freaking Blunder of the year.

    Imagine our commander ie: Mike Eskew, saying that about us UPS workers, similar to anyone can do our job, not realizing that some of us hourly have more education that those at the top. WE get our employees when they cant find anything better kind of remark....... How pi**ed off would you be? Who would quit? Or at least who would lose pride in what they do? Thats why I am glad this guy didnt win the election. Hes a jerk, hes an elitious, hes an idiot, and he never made a dime of his own til he met really stupid rich women. And rest easy tonight when you know no matter what an assho** he is, we will continue to pay his salary til his death, then we can suppoert Teresa........
    God why cant he and Ted just go have a drink or ten by the Bay.
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    Yeah tooner.....and Teddy can drive them home....across a bridge perhaps.
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    Stupid is as stupid does... Jon Carry is the poster child of this quote. And the people voting for the idiot.

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    I already have a B.A and will most likely be going for my masters soon, and I am in the military.

    In addition to working at UPS i wanted to do something for my country so i joined the air national guard and i love it. I would do everything all over again if I was given the choice.

    and I am grateful "jon carry" is not the commander in chief because he obviously doesn't have any respect for the military folks
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    Thanks for your service, and your input. The media always finds the unhappy military person to portray. I guess if they found you, they wouldnt want to hear what you have to say.
    After all you are stuck in the military, How in the world did you get an MBA, and go on to achieve a masters? How did you get on line by yourself?

    Great post by the way, welcome to Brown Cafe.