Handler vs Courier/Handler vs Courier


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What is the purpose of a courier/handler? Is this a position used mainly for handling, but in case a late pickup or cover is needed he/she can also do that? I think the pay is a buck more than a handler and a buck less than a courier. I am only available for the P.M. shift right now. Which would be better handler or courier/handler? Only looking for 3-4 hrs/day. Already have a clean A CDL w/Hazmat so I assume I would get preference if I wanted the courier/handler even though I would still need to go through courier training. Are they as flexible with courier/handler start times? I know handlers don't have an exact start time everyday.


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A Courier/Handler would probably be used for something like a PM shuttle to the ramp or perhaps be stationed at a bulk shipper to process pickups and return them to the station. You could also be used on a route, but that's unlikely. 3 to 4 hrs a day is probably about what you'll get. It's better to be a PT courier because it's likely you'll have an assigned pickup route and will spend less time loading cans (not fun)and get a few more hours. Typically, you will have the option to be on-call to come in and do deliveries or actually be scheduled in the AM if you want to. Plus it pays more and you'll learn a lot more about training your customers to be on time and how to be an effective courier much more quickly.

I noticed you said you had a clean CDL-A. There are a lot of companies out there looking for CDL drivers right now and you'll probably have to wait a long time to use it at FedEx because their semi drivers (RTD's) are pretty senior people most of the time. Plus,they will make you take their training and won't accept outside experience. Most RTD's are promoted from handler positions at the ramp.