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    Supposedly HH Tres (Happy Hands 3) visited with our seniors today, should be entertaining to see what lies come out of this one. I heard rumors that he is talking to the Seniors about retirement packages for older managers.

    Can't wait to find out, and hopefully he will record one of those station spotlight things at my station....do believe I would have to wear my UPS uniform that day and play the Halloween card!
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    What's coming out will be more OLCCs, more performance letters and more SPH in an attempt to squeeze some couriers out if a job so they can hit their 3% reduction in hours goal.
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    Our Senior was dressed to kill today....Guess Big Mamma will be dressed to kill too....Let me know what you hear....


    Supposedly there will be no major changes in the next 2 years...that is all we were told, and that all the rumors about E2 and P2 going to Ground, or the opcos combining are just that, rumors. Oh, and no buyouts for hourlies...didn't see that coming did ya?
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    The question is what are the major changes that are coming after 2 years? But glad to hear I can get two years in. The only thing that'll make me stay is a huge improvement in pay. In other words I'm definitely leaving.

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    Believe what you want but they already told investors that they were essentially cutting 1.7 billion out of the company of wich 23 % is coming out of Express. You do the math so who do you think they are lying to? They already have started by decreasing our medical and dental benefits. I personally think they are going to little by little chip away our pay and benefits so we are more accepting of it then make their big changes a little later down the road. They will keep us on the dark as long as they can because they don't want a lot of employees jumping ship before they implement their plans.
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    Actually they told investors they were going to increase annual profits by $1.7 Billion. Not quite the same thing. The fact is that they have enough turnover at Express that they don't really have to resort to a bunch of underhanded games. They might prefer to get rid of higher paid employees, but keep in mind that there are more and more topped out couriers reaching 55 or older every day. Many of them are retiring. The company can either replace them with cheaper newhires or just restructure rts to address lower volume. The company has to keep X amount of couriers on hand to do the work so it's a balancing act. Forcing people out who are about to retire anyways just doesn't make sense. And they've been messing with our medical for years now. The company using the workforce as a source of profit enhancement is nothing new.
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    Exactly my thoughts. I think all this activity on forums and whatnot made them change their plans . They made a huge deal of saying big news in october. Then.........."what announcement, no nothing going on." Then why say anything in the first place you arse.

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    I'm sorry vantexan but I think you got it wrong. How do you think they are going to increase profits when domestic volume is on the decline and international is flat? By cutting costs. Where are those cuts going to come from ? The front line employees of course. And when they gave a specific number of 1.7 billion and 23% means they have a specific and exact plan of attaining that. They have not said what those exact plans are for a reason. Knowledge is power my friend. And just because they have been cutting our benefits for years don make it right. If you believe their vs than you are only fooling yourself and trying to fool the rest of us . They know perfectly well what kind of uproar it would have caused if they came out with their whole plan laid out.
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    They may have huge changes in store. But before the October announcement we had people on here convinced they were going to be laid off in October. They have said how they plan to achieve the extra profit. They are going to much more fuel efficient aircraft that only need 2 crew members instead of 3. They are buying out several thousand people, mostly in Memphis. And they are looking to reduce hours by a total of 3% in each station. Where I'm at they've put a bunch of us on 4X10's, eliminating a large amount of OT. We still have to have people delivering and picking up packages. And part-timers won't work where extended rts require a full-timer. Again, they may have huge changes in store but all we can do is go on what they are actually doing. Getting yourself all worked up over what you can't control will only hurt you. If you honestly believe the sky is falling then you've got a window of time, probably 2 years, to find something else. But don't kid yourself. They aren't going to tell Wall Street a bunch of lies trying to cover up what their "real" plans are. Wall Street meets with them every quarter and certainly monitors their actions because a huge amount of money is involved. If FedEx is lying to them while doing all manner of evil things to the employees it will come out and the stock price will get slammed. Not to say they won't continue to trim our benefits. They may freeze pay. But until it happens we must continue to go on what is happening right now. And right now isn't the end of the world. We'd still like better pay and benefits, but they aren't laying us off, they aren't reducing pay, they aren't making all of us work long splits, and they aren't getting rid of two and three day Express freight. Until they do I'm not worrying about it. And lucky me if they actually start doing all of this I will quit. If you aren't able to quit and find what they are doing is unacceptable, better find something else. Everyone's situation is different.
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    I still wish we had some input from R1a. He seemed to have alot to say that seems to have evaporated.
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    I saw a thread about happy hands. Somehow, I was thinking of something different.
  13. They want to make a big splash with investors so the buyout is a public way of showing that they are willing to kill their employees to increase share price. Of course, the pigs on Wall Street love when we get wiped out. As for the 1.7B, that's a very conservative number and internal expectations are much higher. About 1.4B is in Express and the other 200-300M is for Services/Office which is a huge number for the scale of that tiny opco. If you're buyout is 6 months or less, unemployment might be better.
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    LOL....Girl, you and I are on the same page....lol....I was thinking the samething...
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    Haven't seen him post for about a month now huh?


    I'm with you brother. Since probably April or May when the "October Surprise" was made into the biggest thing to happen since the '97 BrownOut. I've theorized with myself that maybe, just maybe, the Memphites "leaked" the October Surprise to accelerate attrition. Just a thought.
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    They certainly aren't above trying to manipulate us.
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    It's always calm just before the storm! Lets get though Christmas, benefits disappearing slowly. What is next?
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    yeah..Ra1 just mightve been a mole with an agenda ..gone for now..may come back with another name..
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    I miss his posts. They were longer than most books and always, ALWAYS included reminders of, "Remember, I told you this. You heard it from me 1st. I'm the one who told you this months ago. You'd better listen to me. I have the real sources, so [he didn't really say this, but it was implied] make sure I get credit for knowing all of this."