Happy New Years




My New Year's resolution this year is to excercise more often.

Excercise is supposed to help with depression, maybe you should give it a try too.

Or maybe try some volunteer work. It's amazing how a little time painting at a homeless shelter or making dinner for the kids at a runaway shelter improves my outlook.


Great post Cheryl, depression is a serious thing, especially at the holidays, when someone dear to them has been lost in the prior year, or some other devastation has occurred. Or Maybe it is just that all the hype is over and it takes time to readjust. Maybe it was a sarcastic post, but maybe lots of people will identify with the post. Exercise, keep busy, get a hobby, seek out friends. It can be a illness as devastating as cancer, but it is treatable. No I dont work for the mental health association but have had much experience with people with depression. Anyone who is looking ahead to many days (a year of depression) may see no hope. Maybe your post will help someone.