Hard hats when delivering to construction sites.

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  1. So I was making a delivery to this construction site when one of the guys on site asked me "where is your hard hat?" So my question is, should we wear hard hats when delivering inside of construction sites? And if you did happen to get hit on the head and hurt, who would be at fault?
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    I am not sure what UPS policy is for a job site delivery. I always go to the contractors trailer at the site. It can't be safe for us to be wandering around looking for a certain company inside the site. Im sure OSHA would have an issue with us not wearing proper saftey gear.

    There is a factory in our delivery area for my center that requires us to grab a hardhat and visitors pass at the office if we have stuff to go to the back recieving area. Im sure there are other companies where we deliver to secured areas this is required.
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    I have a brick factory on my route that requires I wear a hard hat and ear protection when I deliver there. I usually just honk the horn and someone comes out to meet me so that I don't have to go through the hassle. But when it's raining... forget about it... get on the hardhat and earplugs...
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    I'll take the hard hat from the guard to make him happy but I refuse to put it on. I don't know who has been wearing that thing. Nasty.
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    I used to deliver EAMs to a brick factory, I never wore a hard hat and they never said anything to me about it. And sometimes I had to wander all over the place to find somebody to sign for the package.
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    Scratch, do you find yourself saying "huh" a lot ??
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    If the dellivery or pick up customer required that we wore a hard hat I always did it. Some cars had a hard hat in it. If I had a rider they were told to stay in the car if they did not want to wear a hard hat. Why make an issue out of a safety requirement on a customers property?
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    I always tell contractors at construction sites that "our policy is to not make deliveries in locations where hard hats are required".

    I dont know if that is true or not, but its the best way to motivate them to leave a bunch of signed delivery notices in a bag taped to the door of the jobsite trailer.

    Otherwise, you can spend 1/2 an an hour wandering around a construction site in the mud, begging for a signature for a box of nails.
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    What if they had 3-point hard hats?
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    What good is a bag of signed delivery notices?
    Isn't the only way a signed delivery notice can be valid is if it's barcode is attached to a delivery attempt from a previous day?
    I hear of this practice occasionally, it just doesn't seem to be kosher to me.
    The way this company likes to stretch things into dishonesty, leads me to think this isn't a good idea.
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    I was always told...and it is a standard practice here....that a customer who does not know when or if he will be available to sign can simply leave a pad of pre-signed delivery notes for the driver. We didnt use to have barcodes on the notes at all, and in the days before Driver Release at least half the residential stops we delivered were done with signed notices.
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    I use to deliver to a Con Agra plant and about 2 years ago they started to go crazy with delivery requirements. First it was a hair net, then it was goggles, then the hard hat. Finally they told me one day that I needed to wear pants to enter their property. Well I said that I would deliver to the gaurd shack. Well two days of sending their 30 packages a day back to the shippers and all of a sudden their pant rule dissapeared. I felt that I had to draw the line some where. Well come to find out one day there was a package that was VERY important and the Head Honcho wanted to know why the packages were refused and once they told him about the pants he said NEVER refuse UPS again. Mark a victory for the UPS guy, or so I thought. I was talking to my center manager about it and he said that if push came to shove that I would of been forced to wear pants. All I can say is that I'm glad that they said uncle before UPS did.
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    Construction sites - I take them to the site office. Honk the horn when I pull up, if no one is in the office or no one comes to the truck it gets an info notice. I'm gone. I don't go traipsing all over the site to find someone. If someone says anything about it I remind them about OSHA regs. That usually shuts them up.

    We have a mine here. It's hard hat any time we are out of the truck. I honk, if no one comes out the hard hat goes on and I go ring the bell. This one I don't mess around with. DOT is a pita, MSHA is 10X worse.
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    There is a bakery that I deliver to that requires everyone that enters it to wear a hairnet, so they always meet me outside after I ring their bell. Sorry, I am not putting on a hairnet or a hard hat.
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    +1 That's the first thing I thought.

    Ok, I just like that one!

    If I had a place they wanted me to wear a hardhat , I would buy my own. UPS brown, of course.
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    I have a job site that has 3 construction trailers. I make my deliveries to each trailer and the foreman, who is in one of the trailers, will sign for all of the packages. I don't go anywhere near the work area.
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    Wow sober did not know you had been around that long. I remember implementing DR back in 1983.
    I was a swing driver and I remember the smart drivers had Sig Notices all over their resi areas. My job was to figure out where they were. Under the door mat, stuck in the side of garage doors and some regular customers even had a small letter box where they kept them ... and then of course, Mr Knob would sign for a few rural stops here and there.
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    "T. Hill" was my man :wink2:
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    Construction sites can be bad unless the site supervisor has been trained by a good UPS driver. We used to get a signature on file and there was a Cpad note associated with that address and the site supervisors cell number if needed. The if needed were the times when we'd get a P5 or P7 full of electrical or plumbing fixtures. Damn that Hundred Weight service!
  20. soberups

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    You have to draw some boundaries with those guys pretty quickly and be willing to send a bunch of their stuff back as "refused" if they wont sign or leave delivery notes.

    They seem to think there is nothing wrong with us spending half an hour wandering around the site in the mud, climbing up ladders or hauling construction materials all over the job site in search of the one person who is "authorized" to sign for that box of fasteners or coil of wire.