harrassment by mgmt; union isn't helping enough

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  1. We are between a rock and a hard place, and the steward even told us to get an attorney. My husband, the UPSer, is not perfect, but he's a good driver. He has gotten written up twice for injuries (the other drivers are frightened to report injuries because of this) and also for vehicular accidents (two old ladies backed into him in two seperate accidents). With the injuries they had him "working terminated" which our steward thinks they, management, just made up to punish him but avoid a battle, and now they are threatening to do it again, because of the second old lady backing into him while driving through a parking lot. The lady was 82 and admitted to the daytime supervisor that her "foot slipped off the pedal". My stomach is tore up, and our life is on hold. We feel like the company is trying to get rid of him, but we don't feel like the union is helping. HELP!
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    Id definately get an attorney if the local isnt willing to help
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    Harassment will always be there, depend on how he deal with it. Since they don't have any solid grounds to shaft him,(based on your story here) it's a long shot that he will lose his job because of it.
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    Make sure the Lawyer you hire is a Labor lawyer, also there is no need for you or him to worry, this is not something he would lose his job for. I will warn everybody, with the volume dropping, the pressure is going to get really heavy, dont do anything stupid, and as much as they will harrass you, they cany get rid of you. I know personally there is a class action lawsuit getting ready to be filed somewhere in the Northeast, for harrassment.
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    Now if we could just fiind a "big gun" law firm willing to handle a class action lawsuit for "company nurses gone wild" and I'm not talking about a film with a pornographic theme.

    put my name of the list of people who want more info about the harassment lawsuit.

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    check out this website...ups dot employeeclass dot com

    Check out this website that I found I am not sure if it will help you or not with your harassment issue. I am an "on-call" feeder driver an I had a round with my hub manager last year that came and bordered along "article 37"... LSS... they (parcel) tried calling to tell me about work they wanted me to perform that weekend right after I got off of work on a Friday Night (5pm) [parcel called at 9.30pm]
    well, I didnt answer nor did i answer the next two days (sat + sun) I spent the weekend w/ my family...or whatever. right? I filed a grievance when my hub/feeder boss started throwing down on me for not answering the phone....
    Like other posts said Make Sure its a LABOR Attny. if you so choose to retain one. Honesty is the policy with this company...If your Husband was truthful and forth-wright in notifying about the alleged incidents... He should keep his employment. UPS just fired a feeder driver in my hub for NOT REPORTING an accident right after it happened... then going to the shop to try to 'fix' with the mechanic what he :censored2: up. Not a good idea.
    Best of luck in your endeavor.
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    I went to ups.employeeclass.com.
    It didn't have any relevant information
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    Again my point about your advocating options outside of the contract.
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    If you were told you had to work on the weekend, then chose to not come to work and not answer the phone you're lucky you weren't fired for job abandonment.
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    Man, I'm kinda inclined to go with this one too. We've got a real problem with "on-call" people here that only want to take 8 to 5 feeder jobs and only Mon-Thurs. On top o that, they bitch they ain't got $ or enough work for the fam. We got w/e work here too but nobody wants to do it. So...they don't answer phone.

    Listen people! This ain't a Mon-Fri, 8-5 world anymore! I've stated before here about an experience yrs ago at the union general membership meet. All UPS feeder guys were standing up bitchin about getting more jobs...take stuff off the train, etc. The BA said they were trying but it might mean working some w/es. Everybody said, "HELL, YEAH!". We finally got a w/e layover that paid real good. The bid finally got down to me, pretty low at that point. I took it. THEN everybody said, "I didn't mean ME, working w/es!". YOU can, not ME!

    In the case of the original thread starter, what's a "working termination"? That mean you're terminated but still working? What? Is he still working? If so, good. Tell him to keep his nose clean and work carefully and smart and he'll do OK.

    Written up for injuries? How can that be? Doing something illegal and get injured? I never heard of getting written up for injuries. If so, so what? You can't help getting injured sometimes. Did the company do something unsafe or force you to do something unsafe? Some unanswered questions to me.
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    That's right.
    Just like the company doesn't seem worried about options outside the contract (and ethics).
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    I went to that site too and its an ad site with nothing useful. A quick Google search got me nothing. I'm not motivated enough to go digging in every crevice I know of online. Additional information required.

    Tie...I really hate to say it, particularly considering how much we agree but there's a line the Employer (UPS) can not cross. If the contract isn't providing relief, its time to take the issue to another party. Not sure if this kind of thing falls under the EEOC or the Labor Board. I considered suing my previous union employer for something but at the end of the day, decided it wasn't worth it. In the case of harassment, it might be worth it. -Rocky
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    If you think the boss is bothering him now, wait until he walks in with a Lawyer on his arm.
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    then you have no complaints when we do so?
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    I respect the fact the wife thinks her husband a good man and defends him. However chances are he may have some issues to address if his union can't help him.

    I don't have the time or energy to harrass good drivers.
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    I don't recall saying I have no complaints but good job on spinning the original premise.
    I've heard it said that if the company would do "the right thing", you know, what an ethical company should do, the contract book that management seems to despise would be about 20 pages long.
    Those 20 pages would cover earned vacations, pay raises and other academia.
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    If and if and yet its okay to for you to make excuses to advocate actions outside of the contractual process. Guess the contract is only supposed to be followed by the company.
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    The process begins with your husband filing a grievance against the charges he claims aggrieved him.

    Second, if it appears to him that the union is not doing anything, then he must contact the NLRB and file a charge against the LOCAL not the company.

    If the company is harrassing him, the NLRB will make them cease and desist until all issues are remedied.

    If the local is found to not have done the required representation and its not enforcing established contractual language, it can fine the local or take more serious action.

    Lawyers will not be able to assist you until you exhaust all your preliminary processes first.

    One note, if your in LOCAL 396, you arent the only one in trouble and I would seek the help of the NLRB immediately.

    There are many members filing charges against local 396 currently for non representation.

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    yes its true ups has finally lost its mind they have now found a way to take your family from u.... if they threaten u enough they can drive your spouse crazy and make strangers of your kids and then they can still make u feel like its your falt