Has anyone ever read this article?

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    What a great article. The only thing that doctor got wrong was that UPS drivers don't exactly work a 40-hour week either...but still nothing compared to what an average intern must work.
    Could this be why there is a primary care doc shortage in MA?
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    The author brings up some good points however he / she neglects to mention that any doc worth their stethoscope will have their practice pay off the medical school debt after the first year or two just for staying with the practice they initially joined. What percentage of docs need to have a joint or multiple joints replaced over the course of their careers? What percentage of docs have to work 5, possible 10 years P/T work just to have the privilege to work full time? My brother in law is a emergency room doc (Great Guy) and the biggest advantage he has vs an average UPS driver, IMHO, is time. Not just the time he has to enjoy away from work with my sister ant their children on a regular basis but rather the quality of that time and the energy he has. All in all, to compare the two jobs is like apples and oranges.
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    "A few years ago, a local hospital advertised jobs for RNs paying up to $4200 per week, or $218,400 per year. Not bad for a degree that requires 2 to 4 years of training, eh?"

    :lol: I think that income was a typo; however if it proves to be true (years later) I plan to move and ship all my stuff via UPS!

    I found the article to be rather insulting to those of us who did not aspire to be a doctor.

    "So Einstein craves independence, and I, as a doctor, don't care how much I make as long as the pay isn't insultingly low. When a doctor is outearned by UPS drivers, Yellow Roadway drivers, heavy equipment operators, auto mechanics, autoworkers, electrologists, part-time basement contractors, part-time tree-removal contractors, personal trainers, lawn mowers, ad copywriters, chefs, dentists, genital teaching associates, and even strippers . . . well, that's an insult."

    I am sorry I did read the article but to say a Doctors pay is insultingly low is riduculos.

    It seems that this guy only proved why women find UPS drivers so irresistible; you all are smarter!

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    That's absurd and it burns my :censored2:. It's another comparison of apples to oranges and "poor me, my orange is a little sour". Whaaaa, I have to work a lot of hours? It's called salary, get over it. And my personal doctor must be doing something right because in order to get an appointment with him, I have to take a day off of work. He's in 8-5:30 M,T,TH, F and 8-12 every other Sat. Fairly young too, mid 40's. I know routes that have a lot of doctors on them and let me tell you what, I certainly can't afford the homes they live in or the vehicles they drive. I wonder how many doctors need hip or knee replacements when they retire?

    This guy is a tool. It's another example of twisting statistical numbers to tell the story the way you want. Wow, I'm actually shocked at how irritated that article made me.....
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    This same doctor who wrote this story also wrote a book "Love and Lust In the ER", and was advertising for people who wanted to star in his "independent" film. If he is making less than a UPS driver, then he must not be very good. He probably works in an Occupational Health Clinic doing DOT physicals. Part of my delivery area is around a large, 600 acre private lake. The people who live on this lake are doctors, lawyers, and airline pilots. An empty one acre lot starts at a million bucks. There are no UPS drivers living on this lake.
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    My apology to 1BrownClown. After reading that article, I was so ticked off I posted before reading what others had said. I just went back to read them now and realized he had already said pretty much everything I did. Even used the same apples and oranges analogy.... :blushing:
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    He also starts the UPS employee at top pay, which is never what happens. My cousin is a doctor and so is his wife and both of them have a million each. There is a flaw in this argument somewhere.
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    He also thinks you can work an endless amount of hours in a day. . .he just wishes he had done something different with his life.
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    Genital teaching associates???????????
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    It looks to me like the guy went into medicine for the money. Seems like the wrong reason from my point of view. He seems like a very intelligent man, shame he never grew up.

    Thankfully most of the world’s doctors do it for the love and challenge of the profession. I guess the rest just write steamy novels and make movies.
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    I just happened to find that article through a Google search and found it interesting. I'd welcome the author to spend a new england winter outside in a heat less truck delivering and then a re-write.
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    Yes, you can be a "vagina" or "anus" model for the med students. One of my girlfriends looked into that and here in Denver that job paid 50 bucks an hour. So if you do that for 40 hours a week you could make $2000/ week. Of course that job is not a 40 hour a week job but who cares if you are just trying to show that Doctors make crap wages!
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    "The burnout rate for doctors in some specialties is so high that doctors may quit well before age 65."

    we'd be lucky to hang untill we are 55.
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    :crying:i met a customer on my 0ld route who told mefor free benifits brown has to offer he would work for 25,000-35,000 per year plus benifits.:tongue_smok i told him you work till the job gets done.you work 45-55 hours a week.5days a week.he told me he would have to be done on tuesday at 500 he bowls at 600.i told him that this co doesn't care.:lol:you work the hours they tell you to work,not when it's convienet for you.:thumbup1:he told me he would bring the truck back and do the rest tommorrow.how long do you think he would last?he would last 2 days if he was lucky.