Has Paul Ryan Been Given A Political Death Sentence?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, May 28, 2011.

  1. wkmac

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  2. ajblakejr

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    Paul will be fine.
  3. bbsam

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    But the rest of the republicans are screwed.
  4. bbsam

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    If Paul Ryan runs, he will be lampooned as Pee-Wee Herman. Look at the face in the bottom video of the link. Saturday Night Live would have a field day. Pee-Wee's PlayHouse of Representatives.
  5. moreluck

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    Dumbo got elected. Caricatures of Obama always show his ears like huge flaps....it's what cartoonists do. When Trump was in the news, it was all about the huge hair. If someone was a god or goddess, they would still be lampooned. I'm sure anyone considering running for president is not thinking, "I'm not handsome enough or pretty enough to be president. They have more important things on their mind and have a tougher skin so barbs won't matter.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I do think that the Oval Office may be in his future but not in 2012. I would much prefer that he continue his work on the budget and work together with the Obama administration to reduce the deficit. 2016 may be a better fit for him to succeed Obama.
  7. bbsam

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    Absolutely true. But Pee-Wee brings his own baggage. Just like the google campaign killing Santorum, Pee-Wee's big adventure in the adult book store is easily hung around Ryan's neck.
  8. moreluck

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    I fully agree with upstate on this. (did I just say that?)
    Ryan has an important niche to fill and he's in it right now and can do the best job where he's at.
  9. The Other Side

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    I fully agree with moreluck. ( and I did just day that)

    Paul Ryans efforts in the house are exactly whats needed in the next 12 months to complete the de-railing of the republican party. I agree, stay out there in front attacking medicare, stay out there attacking seniors and their benefits.

    Im all for it! That important Niche is important, and I agree that HE is the one to handle the job.

    See Moreluck, we can agree and be friends!!!

  10. klein

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    Looks like Palin is back on tour, that should even "help" the republicans even more ! LMAO !
  11. moreluck

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    We might agree from time to time (rarely) but I would never consider you a friend !!!!!!
  12. moreluck

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    You may think she's a big joke, but she's raises huge amount of $$$ and lots of people absolutely love her!..Keep laughin' and she'll sneak up on you!!