Have to deliver air the day after thanksgiving?


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My center is telling us any one how cover drives or and air guy, Must work the friday after thanksgiving. is this something they can DQ over?


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That is pretty standard. It is a seniority thing. I dont know what can be done if you do a no show, but I wouldnt wish to find out.


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My center is telling us any one how cover drives or and air guy, Must work the friday after thanksgiving. is this something they can DQ over?

As I understand it, Thanksgiving is a UPS HOLIDAY...
If you VOLUNTEER to work it is holiday pay plus time and a half hours worked...
IF they DEMAND you work it is holiday pay plus DOUBLE:thumbup1: time for hours worked...

that is my understanding but you need to talk to the Union to be clear


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The day after Thanksgiving has always been a work day for anyone who doesn't have the seniority to take the day off. Usually, traffic is light and so many businesses are closed, it turns out to be an easy day to work.


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air operation is going at my center. but with a skeleton crew. bid sheets up for those who want to work. but most likely low seniority people will be forced to work.


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It's Air only and double time plus holiday pay for the full-time drivers whether you are forced or volunteer. I used to get forced to work when it was still straight time but now at double we get plenty of volunteers so I now sleep in.


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Seniority has the option of working, then mngmt forces from the bottom of seniority list up to fill number of workers they need. Pay is holiday pay plus straight time because you don`t have 40 reg hours in yet for the week.


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As I understand it, Thanksgiving is a UPS HOLIDAY...
that how i understand it too..
you can not be forced to work on a day that is a UPS holiday..i have over 20 years in and have never worked the day after Thanksgiving. i have been asked every year and i just say no..
Happy Thanksgiving to you all:)


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As i understand it, yes you can be forced to work. If you refuse, they can take disciplinary action if they desire. Management is to ask for volunteers first by seniority and then FORCE from the bottom up. At our center they always force ALL air drivers to work and then base the number of drivers extra they will need and go from there. I allways used to jump on the easy day and easy double time pay and request 8 hours.. GGGGRRRRRAAAAAAVVVVVYYY!!!!!!!!

P.S. I know some guys who try to get a vacation during that week just to keep from being forced to work. Of course only a few get that week.


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I don't care. It is the first time in 12 years I don't have to work the day after. I'm taking advantage to rest up for peak.


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Where I'm from you are forced to work. First they take all air drivers at straight time, then they take volunteers at time and 1/2 and then force from the bottom up at time and 1/2. I personally haven't had to work in 4 years and I only have 8 years in. I would volunteer if I knew I would be delivering in an area I know well. But I know I'll get screwed and have 3 routes combined and not know any of them!

My opinion is its a waste of money for UPS, because for the most part businesses are closed. I think maybe it should be limited to NDAs and no send agains from the day before. Because, lets face it, the majority of the customers out there don't know when their package has been shipped or their day-definite date is:crying:


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I got transferred 2 years ago from one hub to another so I lost my seniority (building) I find myself just sucking it all up in terms of people above me are just driving for a year but thats part of it. Anyway, I will not be working this friday because someone bumped me off (seniority driver wanted to work). lol

Happy thanksgiving


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I have a question, i was forced to come in today to deliver air. Once i got there (30 min drive) they sent me along with 6 other drivers home. This is complete codswallop. Am i entitled to anything for management friend*&#ing up my holiday?