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    Hello, everyone. I'm new here. I've been in college for a couple of years. I've also been searching for part time work so I can make a bit of money, have something to put on future resumes, and save up for when a friend and I finally rent an apartment together.

    I filled out an application for part time work as a package handler a couple of months ago. Today I finally got a call, when I least expected it, and I'm going in for a tour tomorrow afternoon. While I know this is no guarantee I'm about to get hired, I feel pretty lucky and kind of excited.

    From what I've read so far, I gather that it's a physically demanding job, and I should get a good pair of boots if I'm hired. I also heard it's a good idea to wear gloves.

    So... I was wondering, what can I expect during the tour? And, just in case, does anyone have any recommendations for boots or gloves? Thanks in advance. :happy2:
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    Hello icewolf, welcome to the Browncafe. Did you really really go on your tour Sat. the 10th or by tomorrow did you mean Mon. the 12th? So if you had your tour yesterday this post is late. If the tour is tomorrow you can expect a supervisor to walk you around the facility where you will be working, at the times you will be working. They will give you a quick overview of the operation, what everyone does in their specific work area, and how it all ties in operation-wise. Some supes even use this as a walking interview, a feeling out "getting to know you" so to say. It is wise to be prepared to both ask and answer questions. Don't let that term TOUR sway you into complacency. Treat it just like you would a job interview. I wish you luck, it's a tough road working for UPS while attending college, I know, I did it. Once hired sign up for upsers.com as soon as you are eligible. There you will find out about tuition assistance available to certain shifts after a specified work period. As well as other great things that don't include ups or school. As far as boots and gloves, these are topics that have been dealt with on the forums many times. The simple answer I will give you is what works for me may not work for you and vice-versa. Check the higher pages of previous threads at the Ups discussions for boots/gloves, and go from there. Good luck to you.