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    new to ups. so I just experienced my first night as a loader on the 10-3 night shift at my hub. It consisted of an hour of classroom time or so then a 10 min break. then we jumped right into loading a trailer the manager explained how to use the scanner then put me in a trailer with a guy that had been there three weeks, which didn't mater because 5 min later they had him move somewhere else and said id be on my own the rest of the night. was expecting a little more training but i guess the best training is to just do it and learn!
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    Welcome to BC. I guess you didn't see the sup training you from the other trailer, he was there all night.
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    Welcome @killerfly

    Sounds like you had an "interesting" first night. Hang in there.
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    Training? The only training my first night was I got was "You'll be loading."

    I worked on the premise that "Heavy" for the bottom sections. (to my waist). Then trying to stack them as high as possible. Wouldn't you know it, I had heavier than I could lift packages for about 3 wall lengths.

    I had the lyrics of "Skee Lo - I Wish" going through my mind.
    'I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was a little bit stronger.' Er. Something like that atleast :)

    Are you sticking with it?
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    I would suggest Tennessee Ernie "16 Tons and What do You Get".