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    Hi all,

    I am starting with UPS tomorrow at 4am as a part-time package handler. When I went for the interview the HR lady asked me if I'd be interested in driving (as I am English and worked for the Royal Mail before moving to the US and most cars in England are manual transmission).

    My HR portal changed from PT Package Handler to "Bid Air Driver." I don't know how soon, if and when I will be driving - are there any other Bid Air Drivers that can enlighten me with their experience, if similar?
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    Nice job (if you get it). It likely will be mornings making deliveries (somewhere around 7-11 AM) or evenings making pickups (somewhere around 5 -10 PM). Will probably also mean working Saturdays.

    After 2 years, your pay rate would jump to over 27$/hr.
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    Much better job then package handler and pays a lot better. However you would be the first job cut if there is going to be any cuts. Happened to one of our guys earlier this year. Big let down and cut in pay when you bump inside.