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    I will remain anonymous but will include as much details.

    Date of Grievance: *
    Date of Employee Worked: *
    center: *

    Position: Part-Time Air Driver (me) *
    Person(s) who grieved: *
    Shop Steward Position: *

    This shop steward continues to take grievance pay from those whom are lower seniority, that began the actual complaint. This man is despicable trash whom instigates complaints from lower senior part-time members on those whom actually perform the work. this shop steward does not want to be dirty so he lays in wait until lower members bitch about a certain job, then he takes the grievance and represents YOU.

    Granted the incident on *, 2013, I was asked to drive ground on a split route for a full time driver that got hurt. I do the job, work close to 10.5 hrs Ground rate due to the route being started late 12PM PSDT. According to Management, all other options where exhausted.

    Long story short, a complaint was instigated by the shop steward to a lower seniority member. All 3 of us, whom I do not know who the third person(s) is, he(s) is another Air Driver part-timer. We all work for the * Center. I lose my driving privilege due to management not wanting to pay grievance pay to this shop steward. I go back to the hub, while this :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: keeps his job. The other Air Driver does not get to drive also, nor does he see a dime from the grievance because this particular shop steward waits in the shadows and instigates to other members to grieve on management for not asking contractually, by seniority. Management messed up. Now I cant drive and their packages sit because of this pile of scum whom only represents his wallet.

    I know the ways...senior member gets the grievance pay...yet THIS PARTICULAR SHOP STEWARD consistently throws other members under the bus so HE receives the $$$ on the backs of other members. This Steward is Part-time, which he brags that he makes $75,000 a year based on grievances. IS THIS RIGHT?!?IS THIS WHO WE VOTE IN? in addition, this trash cowers when you approach him. He is a creep. When you approach this Shop Steward with an issue, DOLLAR$$$ signs are in his eye pupils.
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    I understand what you're saying. We have one like that too. I merely stopped bringing anything to his attention and use another alt stew for my issues.
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    why arent YOU filing the grievances? we ahve some PT people in our building that will whinge,piss and moan but won't file over Contract Vioations. A member WILL file and of course they commence to whinge and moan that the person got 'their' money
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    Okay couple things. First, do you actually trust the management team when they tell you they have exhausted all means? 2 their is always more than one side to every story. 3 how can you make your 1st post a steward bashing post. 4, have you talked to your BA if you feel you are being wronged by the steward. 5, are you one of those that says your going to file and then never does, then it becomes untimely for everyone else cause they thought you filed? If you have less seniority than the steward filing, what is your complaint? Instead of bashing your steward and wondering how these people get elected, go to the appropriate people at your local if you feel you have been wronged. Your steward may have a few choice words about you as well.
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    Really you really think management just messed up. They care nothing about honoring seniority, all they care about is getting the packages out of the building. After that it becomes the drivers problems.
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    How has he thrown members under the bus. Do you realize if we let ups run rampant that there will never be another full time job added. You will be stuck part time air driver the rest of your life. If he is holding ups to the contract how is he crapping on you. You know what your job is. Your not guaranteed 40 hours or a driving job everyday. How long have you worked for ups. Im gonna guess 3 years. Are you in the union???????
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    If members are to scared to file this is exactly what a good steward should so. File on there behalf. Nothing wrong with this in my eyes. Grow a set and file yourself.