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    Hello Everyone, I am a new member :). Please if u can answer my questions, Il appreciate it. Can you tell me the specification of duties for Pre Load Shift? What are the most crucial things I should learn about this shift?I noticed theres a $1 dollar differences btw regular shifts and this one. Well Hope 2 you guys will respond to this MSG : ) : ) :) bye bye I will post more stuffs on here soon...hi hi hi Im going to work at UPS hi hi hi Ya Ya
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    r u stoopid?
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    I believe sky1023 could be my new preloader

    Only 6 off area misloads and missed count by 17 (really 23 with off areas)
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    Welcome and let me just say that preload is a lot of work. If you can read the labels and put the boxes in the correct truck in the right order and do it at super speed then you will be fine. They train you (well this varies by location) so pay attention. I personally like the preload shift. If you plan to stay out late at night this is not the shift for you. If you call in to the hub drunk please know that everyone will be laughing at your message (we had this happen).

    <O:pThe hours are early and you will be running (well not really you have to be safe), drink a lot of water and pay attention to what you are doing. Misloads will hurt you and make your drivers really upset and the customer may not get their package that day. Most days you feel like a truck has run you over and you come back for more. You can make it fun (not amusement park fun) for the hours you are loading trucks. Make friends with your fellow preloaders and stay out the supervisor/ preloader gossip mill.

    Good luck! <O:p