Help! How does the application process work?

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    I am looking for some guidance. I apology for the long email, but bare with me.

    My dear husband is trying to get a job at UPS. I know the jobs are in high demand so I want to make sure we do everything correct. We searched for current openings and found a part time package handler position. The position noted it was currently an open position. We clicked on the position, filled out the contact information, name, phone, ss #, and the five or so qualification questions. Then it told you to pick the shift you would like to work. The position only listed one option, so we chose it. We were then taken to another screen where it listed the postion and location we had chosen. Is that all we were suppose to do? There was no resume section. Now when we log in, it notes the status as pending, the date we did the contact information, it notes it is complete, and then the word select is there. When you click on select the following message appears:

    The location you have selected does not have any available appointment times for the work shift you indicated as your preference. This does not mean this location is not hiring and additional appointment times may become available soon. You have an option to keep your job inquiry for this location and wait for available appointment times to become available or consider changing to another location that does have immediate appointment times available.

    Did we do something wrong?

    I found the job posted on another website which indicated the job was just posted on 06/29/09, we filled the info out 07/01/09. Does the above message mean they filled all the interview slots.

    Should we call? How do you get across your experience to get an interview. My husband has fhis forklift certification and his CDL. I was hoping that this would at least help him get an interview.

    Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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    Since no one else has responded,I'll give you my opinion.
    Often information can get misinterpreted when applying online.
    I think your husband should apply in person if at all possible.If not,
    as you suggested,a phone call may be in order.Good luck.