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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by whetto, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. whetto

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    The only piece of clothing that I ever liked from UPS was my brown cadigan. For some reason we can no longer purchase any sort of outerwear that will keep us comfortable. I was hoping that maybe someone on here has one laying around. If so mine was a XL to XXL (not sure) and willing to pay cost and shipping if someone could help me.

    Thank you,
    Mr. Rogers (Ha Ha)
  2. Great Intro!!!:happy2:
  3. over9five

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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Whetto. You have my sincere condolences on your recent loss.
  4. tonyexpress

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    Welcome to the BrownCafe and good luck in your hunt for a cardigan.:peaceful:
  5. whiskey

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    They were around in the 1970's. So, good luck locating one. Maybe try the Saint Vincent DePaul.
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    So which 'whetto' meaning are you going after? :wink2:

    My first guess would be white, but there are other meanings.
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    White has

  8. Anonymous 10

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    I've got one and i'm keeping it its so comfortable.
  9. DorkHead

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    I have one with the windstopper lining. Had to replace the cuffs twice in the last 20 yrs. plus have a few seams sewn. I will never sell it. Alot of the other drivers bust me about it but I know they would all buy one if they could.