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  1. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    OK i have been out on STD for six months now due to motorcycle accident.
    and i have put on extra weight.

    I am 42 5' 7" and weigh 230 pounds i am UPS grunt "deliver pkgs"

    before i was i hurt i was still heavy, and took the daily ribbing about my weight from certain drivers EVERY day put on a smile but cry later lol.

    any way i have R.A. Rheumatoid Arthritis and i take prednisone plus like 4 or 5 other meds for my RA trouble is the prednisone packs weight on and although i did my job well at 230 lbs i am not to vain to know i would feel so much better dropping 50 lbs.

    here lies my problem i have been watching what i eat portion wise and i signed up for sparks people place were i can keep accurate count of calorie intake every meal every day and they have me on 1500 - 1800 calories a day so i monitor my calorie intake faithfully.

    I don't eat the junk food anymore i eat carrots cucumbers, salad light dressing blah blah blah and i also eat a lot of haddock now, and i mean a lot usually have for lunch and supper and snacks.

    joined gym doing 3 miles on treadmill and 20 Min's on bike, then i lift weights 30 - 40 minutes. oh yeah i smoke 2 packs a day.

    I am really getting frustrated i have been doing this for few weeks to try and get back to miserable shape i was in before accident and i really want to loose this weight, i have 2 sons I'd like to be around for and a beautiful wife.

    i Have only lost 3 pounds, and am quickly getting sick of carrots and cucumbers and salad, and the small portions i eat to stay in calorie range.

    PAIDOVERINMAINE can back me up he knows me and he has also heard the fatty jokes made at my expense which i laugh off guy is Friend so i don't really want to shove my fist to the back of his skull i just quietly picture it in slow motion.

    any advice food wise or exercise wise, or whatever i really am looking for some help and am finding myself getting frustrated over not loosing weight and trying so hard.

    i don't want to drop dead delivering package wont be good for the family that i work so hard for.

    anyone with RA or knows someone with RA any advice on loosing weight on a med that i have put 50 lbs on taking since 2004,

    looking for good advice to live longer and maybe not be so frustrated and just give up.

    Thank you
  2. pickup

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    I can't give you much advice, but keep it up, and you did lose three pounds that is something to start with.
  3. jrf4life

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    I tore my acl and sat at home for five months and gained 25 pounds ! To get the weight off after rehab I lifted weights and did all out sprints for about 40 yards in my back lawn. I dropped so much weight so fast ! Sprinting is better than running and walking. Think about this, what do sprinters look like versus long distance runners.
  4. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    If your plan is to lose weight, balanced diet is key and low fat. You need to have a diet you can and maintain so eat balanced. drop the weights for awhile and concentrate on the aerobics, try jogging or biking 40-60 mins a day 3x a week and lift the other day but for your warm up on the weight day do like a 5 mile on the treadmill or 10 mins on the bike.
  5. Bubblehead

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    How did you contract a STD from a motorcycle accident?
    I think I would have went with the toilet seat explaination.:wink2:
  6. cachsux

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    Speak to your physician or a specialist about a possible alternate for the prednisone. As far as your weight that stuff is working against you. Get evaluated at the gym and let them know what your goals are. I`m pretty sure they`ll switch you to more cardio and less weights. Number one thing though is to drop the cigs if your worried about being there for your kids. Overweight + cigs = much greater chance of early death.
  7. pq49x

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    or maybe short term disability?
  8. backinbrown

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    Short term Disability
  9. toonertoo

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    prednisone is not your friend. I was on it for one year, and I bulked up bad. After having lost 50 pounds I put it right back on. The good side, Is it is muscle. I was able to lose 25 on the Atkins diet without even trying. But some say it isnt healthy, but it does work. Once you go off it you have to really watch what you eat, or it will come right back.
    Trying to lose after steroids, is not as easy as just watching your fat intake etc. Consult with your doc would be the advice everyone gives, but from experience, you need to exercise above and beyond what you do at work as your body has adjusted to that. And I will say a prayer for ya.
    And the 2 packs a day dont help, they slow your whole system down including your metabolism. But that is a whole nother thread.
    Oh and enlighten someone to std, I believe it is some kind of disabilty related to injury and not sex.
    But they are also heads(cases) for motorcycles
  10. BCFan

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    Cut down on the 12 oz. curls...... Avoid fat grams....average for a grown man should only be like 30 grams a day..... a Big Mac has about 40 grams alone!!!! BC PS ...condoms can prevent STD's
  11. drewed

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    For losing weight the long distance would be better, you burn fat better during endurance excercise.
  12. haydendavid380

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    I didn't know I had a twin
  13. outta hours

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    Get a divorce. That always seems to work.:wink2:
  14. backinbrown

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    I want to lose weight not half my check:happy-very:
  15. brownman15

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    you won't have money to buy food or beer. lol
  16. backinbrown

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    don't drink and gave up big macs i miss them i am just getting sick of eating same thing everday or if i have what my family eats i have to have such a small portion that it bothers me.

    thats why i eat so much haddock a day i like it and it is low in calories
    but i am tiring of that and the carrots and salad i eat a lot of salad low calorie dressing 1 tbl spoon
  17. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    do you suppose i am building muscle wich is heavier than fat i beleive so mayby im not losing the pounds because i am putting on muscle?

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  19. redshift1

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    As others have said you must use diet and exercise combined. I lost a significant amount
    using the treadmill and elliptical trainer without any lifting. Check with your doctor before
    you begin a serious workout regimen. Also walking for 45 minutes after dinner made a big impact.
  20. upsgrunt

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    I am 42 5' 7" and weigh 230 pounds i am UPS grunt

    HEY-leave me out of this;
    I'm 43
    220 pounds.
    I could stand to lose a little stomach,
    but I didn't realize there was stigma attached to my screen name.:happy-very: