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    I was generally a pretty happy and proud UPSER for the last 27 years.I feel I work very hard for my money but Iam fairly compensated for doing such .Here is my problem though,after listening to all the posts and compliants of how the contract offer is so insulting,Ive come to the conclusion that I must have drank the "UPS kool aid" and have been disillusion all these years and probably should look for a better job where they treat and compensate people better.So here is my question , where can I find an 80k job with free medical,7 weeks of vacation and a pension benefit @55 of 3700 a month
    Please include private sector jobs only because Iam not well connected and probably could not get one of those great and easy goverment jobs.( sure would like one though,the tax payers are such suckers)
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    I gut nuthin'-anyone anyone-Bueller, Bueller??????????
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    any openings at your local teamster hall???
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    First off...With 27 years in why not just stick out the other 3??? And if you can't afford to retire then just stay longer. I know alot of people that retire and go out and work another job fulltime, that just make's no sence. In today's world you are not going to find anything that pay's what we get and not have to pay for benefit's and plus what get's put into our pension. Believe me I am not a pro company person I am though a union steward and I see other company's shutting down or cutting wage's. So in our case the grass is definately not greener on the other side especially when you have as much time as you do!!!! Becarefull on what you choose!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Me thinks 1980 was bein' sarcastic...........
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    Ya think...............:biggrin:
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    Nah, there are plenty of jobs out there making better than that with all the benefits.

    you have the people who carry hazardous cargo. the more hazardous the more money

    ice road trucker can make about $70,000 in about three months. but you have to own your own truck for that much. you'll get paid less if you drive for someone else.

    underwater demolitions, gulf oil rigs, nuclear power plant worker, contract security in Iraq, etc.

    basically, any job that has a decent change of killing you will pay more. on the bright side you may not even have to worry about retirement at all.
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    Even McDonald's would beat sittin' on the bench. :biggrin: