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    Or center has gotten so small that the most dangerous part of my day is leaving and then returning to the building. We barely have enough parking during the regular year. Not enough parking during peak. Unauthorized employees walking in front of the bays without reflective vests because there is a FUBAR of a traffic jam during pm check in. I'm afraid someone is going to get struck or killed in the yard because of all the yard control violations due to the yard being too small. Unfortunately through years of experience I know this company is only reactive and not pro active I'm afraid the only way this will get attention is if/when someone is struck. Is there anything I can due to push the company to be more pro active?
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    Find out who your district compliance director is and tell them

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    They tell us nothing at this center. We are like North Korea of UPS. How do I go about finding this person in our district? Is there a Web site listing these people and their respective positions as well as their contact info?
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    Some where up in the Ivory Tower there is a person with their feet up on the desk leaning back and saying "it sounds like that center is running just like we like them to--slim and trim". To answer your question---NO there's nothing you can do.
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    Well that about sums it up. Next thread
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    Look around on UPSers .com at the company atlas your district which ever that may be will have who ever that person is listed with his phone number
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    I park ten feet from the center door sometimes. You pretty much have to walk through the yard before and after work. No designated walkways painted on our gravel either.
  8. BrownTexas

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    You need a good steward to fight this battle from the safety side. He can get some things accomplished if you Ba is worth a :censored2:.
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    Is this an issue that OSHA could address if notified?
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    Attend a safety meeting and bring it up. If they don't fix the problem there, consider other ideas--but only if you feel things are THAT dangerous. Reporting this to OSHA could have it's repercussions.
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    Pretty much nothing you can do about it. They would rather spend millions on stuff that don't work like Orion and things of that nature instead of the infrastructure. They don't care bout us, just high paid slaves that's all lol. End of subject, like beating a dead horse.
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    How does a Center get smaller? Ours has been the same size forever.
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    Call OSHA you'll just get laughed at had a coworker do that
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    Get with Integrity or Chicken Legs, they will get you some vests and have FEMA, OSHA, FBI, and anyone else with an acronym respond to your yard.
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  15. Is there a safety sup that you can talk to? In my building if you're caught without a vest in the yard you're going to get a good talking too. Unsafe for everybody involved.
  16. fres431

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    I'd file a grievance so there's a paper trail if something happens in the yard
  17. jaker

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    You know what's sad is your hub is really not that much different then a lot of other hubs

    So I can see your point and I can tell you the out come because ups is ups

    They will put a new rule in the yard rules and it will be everyone that is inside ups lot will have to wear vest when not in a car
  18. Harry Manback

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    Have you tried seeking help on an anonymous internet message board?

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  19. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Sounds exactly like my tiny building. If you don't get to work at least 40 minutes early you will not have an actual parking space (between two painted lines on pavement)to park in and will have to find a space next to (or even between) trailers or in the dirt, grass, or half assed attempt of a gravel parking lot where its a free for all and occasionally someone is blocked in. And we are lucky to get temporary building expansions for peak. We have been told for years that we are NEVER getting a new building and there is little to no room for expansion even if they wanted to try it.