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    Hi, I applied today for a package handler position at the san antonio hub, but then after I submitted it I decided to apply to another one a little closer to my home. When I tried to apply there it said they already had my info on the application and it seems I cannot change the location where I would like to work. I tried to find a way to cancel my previous application so I could start over but no such luck finding anything. There are also no numbers to contact anyone for help.

    Can anyone here please help?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You should receive a confirmation e-mail or an e-mail outlining what you need to do next. This e-mail should have contact information. Use that information to let them know that you wish to change your desired work location. If they are unable to process your request, for whatever reason (no openings at desired location), you then need to decide if you are willing to make the commute for $8.50/hr and benefits after 1 year of employment.
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    Isn't there a 90 day progression on the wage rate now?
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    I have no idea.
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    Yes after 90 days you get a .50 raise, so if you live far away don't take the job because after gas it isn't worth it try to get the one closer to home.
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    Changed to 1.00 raise after 90 days. Then you can take a test to get another dollar. You can be making 10.50 within 91 days.