Help with non moving/lost package and fake scans?

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    Hi! I'm looking for little help from people who know the behind the scenes of UPS.
    I ordered items online and the merchant shipped UPS Surepost. It shipped from the merchant on 10/22 and made it to my local UPS facility on 10/28 with a delivery date of 10/29. The shipment progress has several arrival and departure scans between those 2 dates with a final "destination scan" on 10/28.
    Now, when the package did not arrive on 10/29 I tracked it again and the delivery was changed to 10/30, on 10/30 I tracked it and it was changed to 10/31. So now, here we are 11/1 and the delivery was changed to 11/2. Meanwhile, the last scan was 10/28 with no movement.
    I called the 1800# and was told "rest assured, the package will be delivered on 11/2".
    I then called the local UPS facility to see if they still had the package or if they had transferred it to usps. After they investigated the tracking number they told me "they NEVER had possession of the package" and that the scans listed were not "physical scans but premeditated scans". And that they never actually scanned my package. This sounded VERY odd to me. What is the point of tracking if it's all false? But, I digress.
    Can anyone here shed any light on this situation?

    also, I contacted the merchant and because it shows a delivery date they cannot process it as lost. I have to wait until the delivery date has come and gone but UPS keeps changing the delivery date.
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    Sounds like you got the Surepost Help Line which like Surepost, is not up to UPS standards.
    I have never heard of "premeditated scans" ... maybe premedicated since they are doctored.
    The delivery dates are being initiated by the USPS and the updates transferred to UPS Tracking systems.
    The post office will get it there eventually ... it is low priority to them. Probably only Media Mail is lower priority.
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    Next time demand for UPS the whole way. People are starting to see the true costs of "free" shipping.
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    I actually had this happen to my next door neighbor. After checking the ups website couldn't come up with anything except out for delivery for three days straight. Called oms from neighbors and found out it never showed. Was told it was probably damaged beyond recognition. So, if I were you call and get a replacement order started
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    There are three different kind of scans

    1) Physical scan. pretty obvious we actually scan the box.

    2) Logical scan. says we put a small in a "forever bag" with 20 other boxes. That bag then receives a tracking label. When that label is scanned, all boxes inside that bag gets a logical scan. Also If box is put in a trailer, and that feeder leaves, the whole feeders contents receives a logical departure scan. All departure and arrival scans are logical. I have never seen a physical departure/arrival scan.

    3) Derived scan. Limited understanding of this scan. Say company A ships enough volume to warrant a trailer at their business. Company a says pkg is on trailer, we pull trailer, gets a derived scan. Since boxes may have been containerized, UPS may never scan the pkg til it gets to the destination center, when it magically disappears. If this is the case, it is possible that UPS never had possession of the pkg.

    Being a surepost pkg, I've had pkgs sit at PO for over a week before delivery. Don't know which is your case, but those are the possibilities.
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    Yup the post off is in no hurry to deliver sure post packages this time of year they get paid the same whether the package gets delivered today or a week from today. They don't want to pay to much OT.
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    When you get your package tell the Post man what a bang up job they are doing these days.
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    Had a customer yesterday ask me if I had his amazon pkg, he said he recieved an email from ups saying they could not dlvr it. I said, sorry I don't have that pkg but I do have 5 cases of wine for you today and by the way I was here the day before and dropped off a pkg to your address but it wasn't from amazon.

    He showed me a tracking nmbr and the email he recieved, which did state it was from ups. I asked him to go on and track pkg so I could see the details. Well what do you think came up, shows pkg delvrd to usps and dlvry attempt made by usps but with an exception saying they could not dlvr pkg and to contact local usps.

    Like you said, the cost of free shipping!
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