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    Does anybody out there know about a driver coming for San Antonio, TX to San Angelo, TX with settlement checks for the employees at the San Angelo center? First, the driver was sent to Ranger, TX and due to bad weather his truck went into a ditch, then he was re-routed back to San Antonio (rather than San Angelo) with the employee settlement checks. Word was that the driver was to be there in San Angelo on Monday (01.25.10) then his truck broke down on the highway, and he was waiting for a part. Then word was that a new truck was on the way by Wed. Now word is the the plant manager and the lawyers have gone to San Antonio on Friday (01.29.10) to find out if they're able to get the checks.

    Please, if anyone from the San Angelo or San Antonio, TX centers know of this situation please respond.
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    track the pkg.

    no ups loads wait along the highway for parts
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    Didn't we just go through this a short time ago?
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