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    I've been an employee at ups for almost 10yrs. I was dq'd in March of this year for fulltime an I wasn't given a reason after 27 days completed. I filed an article 52 an it has yet to go to panel. My business agent has requested my profile an feels he can get me back out there. I cover drove peak season an I still drive air for the last year. I think I may have been dqd for over allowed. I was running 165 stops 300 pieces getting back around 8/8:30. What do you think my chances are? There are other employees who got dq'd an theres was only 3wks ago an it has gone to panel already. The person remained dq'd. My business is telling me be patient.
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    wide load 4 10’s without OT is a concession.

    Let me guess, you work a part time shift and are very effective at it?
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    Be'll be the next runner up!
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    There's very little the union can do to fight a disqualification in a driver's probationary period. Unless there's some seriously egregious discrimination going on (driver is running scratch, not bringing pieces back every day, etc. and still DQ'd) then the company has the right to DQ a new driver.

    It's pretty :censored2:ty and I think we need some improvements in the probationary language, but that won't happen any time soon -- if at all.
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    My sup called today they want me to run air all week next week n do 4 pickups after i finish on preload, ill take it
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    These disciplinary storys are so obvious. Management we are to your story's.
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    On to your stories

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    I would imagine more obvious than this post.
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    What do you mean
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    Maybe, thats what he meant ?

    How is this a disciplinary issue ?

    He was disqualified, during his probation period.

    What does your supplement say, in regards to the probationary period ?

    The Central Region language says the company can DQ you, for any reason.

    Section 1

    "(a) Probationary employees: a new employee shall work under the provisions of this Agreement but shall be employed only on a thirty (30) working day trial basis, during which period he/she may be discharged without further recourse; provided however, that the Employer may not discharge or discipline for the purpose of evading this Agreement or discriminating against union members."

    You can file a grievance to protest it.

    But as PiedmontSteward pointed out, you need some evidence to support your claim.

    As a current Union member.... at least you can file a grievance.

    Off the street hires are out of luck.

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    I'm a female, someone said he.:)
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    Sounds like they dq'd you so they can jerk you around and throw you into any part time hole that needs covering; make sure they pay you driver wage all day if you pickup ground
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    I'm confused.......
    The OP got DQ'ed but then they turn around and hand him the keys to a company vehicle when it suits their agenda?
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    They can use DQ'd drivers to run air.
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    .....and when one of them gets in an accident I bet the opposing attorney will have a field day with that.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

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    Just the typical double talk.
    "You are DQ'D from driving, you are not good enough."
    ""Here, go deliver Packages"
    Should we be surprised with thier odd logic?
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