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  1. mikeymike34

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    hi guys hey has anyone seen the ups commercial with that like catchy electronica song were the guy is explaining ups ships in 3 places like at noon morning and late afternoon or something...wahts that song called? thankyou for your help
  2. loserupser

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  3. diadlover

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    It's called "Such Great Heights" performed by "The Postal Service".

  4. worldwide

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    The song in the new UPS commercials is by a band called the Postal Service (beleive it or not). The song is called "Such Great Heights."

    The Postal Service
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    I beat you by 4 minutes. Diadlover rules!
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    You rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. DS

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    strange tune,a kinda techno badfinger sound...I`m kinda :censored2: tho that us upsers dont have a band.
    how about plain ol` BROWN,
    our first release could be,
    How to pick up and deliver:wink: