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  1. nmang2412

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    The past 4 work days ive been uncomfortably hot (i tend to run hot). Its been in the 40s here in chicago and rising tommorow its going to be in the 60s, its not their fault they cant see the future but they prepare us for the the extreme cold. Our uniforms are pants and pullover. i wear a lighter jacket a friend/driver gave me, he also has a long sleeve shirt and light vest for me. Anyways he doesnt have shorts i can borrow. Will i look retarded if i go buy a pair, they probably wont be the exact color?
  2. Bagels

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    Ask your helper coordinator. When I've jumped during the summer months, or before helper uniforms have arrived for peak, management has instructed me to wear something (t-shirt or polo & slacks) that resembled UPS colors, even if it isn't an exact match. So while I would presume there wouldn't be a problem, you certainly don't want to be caught & disciplined for being out of uniform. Always best to seek permission.
  3. Dr.Brown

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    wear the uniform provided... sweat is "good" for you..
  4. Baba gounj

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    In the future always get uniforms at least one-two sizes larger .
    On hot days your uniform will not be sticking to your body and on cold days you can safely bundle up extra clothing under the uniform .
  5. IslandGirl

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    Make shorts out of the could tape the hems,if not able to sew(tape works in a hurry!)..get someone to hem the shorts for you?'s easy..use brown or black one is looking that closely..
  6. nmang2412

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    if they were my pants i would have already, but when i turn in shorts instead of pants i would be screwd!!
  7. hurricanegunner

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    Take at least a gallon of water with you.
  8. The Other Side

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    Why are you worrying about it in the first place. This is a dirty, sweaty, hot, cold, wet and tough job. If you focused on what you are supposed to be doing instead of your comfort, you probably would do a good job.

    Get over it. It is what it is.


  9. nmang2412

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    Your right, ill just have to drink more water and bring an extra piss bottle. I know and like that this is a dirty job, but my natural body temp runs higher than most people. BTW, even though im uncomfortable i still do my job. This is why i have drivers constantly asking for me. So ill get through it!
  10. UnsurePost

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    under armor heatgear.
  11. jibbs

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    I sweat a lot too, man, even in these wintry months. I'm new at UPS but, from what I've gathered since early August, it's basically man up or walk off... Management isn't going to do more than the bare minimum to make working conditions comfortable (in my brief experience). I haven't experienced a heat wave with UPS yet, but I've been dealing with plenty of below freezing preloads over the past several months and the best advice I can give you is to dress in easily discarded layers in the cold and to have plenty of water regardless of what temperature you're working in. The running aspect of driver helping might facilitate difference advice, but from my experience that's about all there is. Dress for the weather while staying able to adapt to environmental shifts, and keep your body well-fed/nourished. After that, it seems to me like it's all about conditioning.
  12. Indecisi0n

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    Boxer briefs help stop your balls from sticking to your thigh.
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    I always think of what Elaine Benes says at the 36 second mark.....

    Seinfeld - The Shrinkage - YouTube
  14. nmang2412

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    Well i survived. I managed to scrum up some stuff from family and freind drivers i now have a pullover, jacket, light vest, button up long sleeve, pants, and shorts. Not bad for a helper! I can now work my ass off at a comfortable temp. Its funny cause you would never tell the difference between me and a driver.
  15. cosmo1

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    Actually, the helper uniforms (around here at least) are only pants and the pullover. Maybe a knit hat when it gets crappy.
  16. nmang2412

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    Thats the uni they gave me. Ive been given permisson to wear the clothes that i have collected (as long as it has current ups logo on it). Ive ran into other helpers and some wear jeans and dont give a s#*t what they wear. One of my big "things" at any job is wearing that correct uniform.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Oh, I'm pretty sure we could.
  18. Brain Genocide

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    That's what I got... I would call the office if I needed more uniform stuff. I'll probably have to soon, a Jacket would be nice.. 40F and the door is always open. Not Balmy weather,
  19. gingerkat

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    Yesterday it was over 70 here and I was sweating like a whore in church. As far as the jacket goes, there are places near us that the helpers would rather have a kevlar vest over a jacket any day.