Here's a tip to save money in today's economy

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by Channahon, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Channahon

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    In today's economy, if you have money or not, you don't know what the future holds, so I thought I would share a money saving tip:

    I called my cable company to let them know I need to streamline my cable bill. I was able to reduce my cable bill by $40 per month, which includes cable, phone and broadband and keep my existing service and add one premium channel.

    The cable companies are feeling the effects of the economy, and rather than have people cancel their cable (unless they absolutely have to) are willing to negotiate new rates.

    So call you cable company, you may be able to save some money, as my rates went into effect immediately, and I got an extra premium channel for $5 per month.

    They were able to sell me something, and I was able to keep my existing service at a savings.
  2. scratch

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    I did this same thing with my phone/internet company. They knocked fifty bucks a month off my bill so they wouldn't lose me. Mentioning their competitor's name works like magic.
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    ON Nov. 29th I am telling Comcast to kiss my ass. The rape me close to $120 for TV alone. Verizon is coming in and installing my FIOS TV. I already have Verizon phone and FIOS internet. With the 3 combined I will only pay $140/month and they are going to up my internet speeds to 20/5 and offer me a crapload more HD channels.