Mommy to be!
I have a problem.....My ups man creeps me out!!
he stares into my eyes and like tilts his head and he only wants to talk to me and he buys me stuff from UPS like the employer only book.....
I feel as if one day hes gonna take me and rape me or kill me or something and i dont want that....
could you please help me and give me some advice on what to do about this?
Im 16 years old and im a girl and my name is Stephy!:eek: :(


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He might not know you are 16. I know both boys and girls now days seem to develop faster and look older nowdays.

If he knows you are 16 you should get you a 2 x 4, grasp it with both hands, draw the 2 x 4 back. With all your strength, hit him right on the temple of his forehead.


Mommy to be!
yes he knows im 16 and i dont wear small clothing i wear clothing that covers my whole body!!

And like when i go down to get the package he will go in the back and when he comes out of the back his shirt is open.........


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If he truly is coming on to you and buying you gifts he is being very inappropriate.

If you don't want his attention and you shouldn't, then you should not be accepting his gifts as there is a certain amount of acceptance of his actions when you do this.

Politely refuse any more gifts.

If that is too subtle for him tell him or have your parents tell him his attentions make you uncomfortable.

If this doesn't stop him call UPS and report him.

This is a serious issue (claiming an adult is coming on to a minor) so treat it as such.

As it is possible it is a simple misunderstanding that he is just being friendly with a kid on his route and you are taking it wrong you should give him the benefit of the doubt by letting him know that you do not want his attention before notifying UPS as that could possibly cost him his job.

If he persists beyond being let know in no uncertain terms that his actions are neither wanted or appropriate, then he should lose his job.


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Young lady, have you spoken to your parents about this situation? If not, please do so right now. This board has been giving you some excellent advice but what are you doing putting this out on the internet???

Please speak with your Parents NOW. Ask for their advice and assistance in resolving this situation before it becomes a real sorry problem...

Good luck


I agee,in fact this guy creeps me out too.He`s supposed to be a professional and not submit young girls to his fantasies.I say call and complain now and see how ups deals with it.He sounds like a weirdo.


Mommy to be!
Im not joking,i wouldnt put this up if i was joking its the truth!!!

He really does....

he just came here in Jan. being the UPS guy for me!!

Now what UPS man thats 47 would go in the back and open his shirt and its really cold here now.....and hes got white hair everyhere..and he prolly thinks its something good underneath that shirtbut ewwww nooo
i wish he would stop the staring and the opening the shirt thing now!!

but i cant tell him cause i dont want him to get mad at me cause my other UPS man warned me about him with his anger problem cause he said that hes got a very bad anger and temper that when someone just says the wrong word he gets so mad that he will throw stuff and break stuff!


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This bastard is sick, sick, sick.

If you can muster the courage, tell him that he makes you uncomfortable. If he persists here is what you should do.

1) If you have a baseball bat, and a can of mace.
a) Empty the whole can in his face.
b) Grab your baseball bat, preferably a Louisville slugger. And start swinging. Aim for his head and try to knock it off of his shoulders. Keep hitting him until he falls to the ground.
c) When he falls to the ground, strike him in his hands. Try to break his hands. Breaking one of his knee caps wouldn't hurt either.

2) Call the police.

3) Then call UPS.


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Hmmmm, that is very interesting UPSgirl. Isnt it against UPS appearance guidelines to open your shirt while in uniform? I would sure hope so. Seems very very unprofessional to me. If you are in fear, you may want to invest in one of those legal stun guns.



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Im gonna call UPS soon. I have the warehouse # in my cell ready!
His name is Paul by the way....and when he first started coming he wanted to know everything about me!


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UPSgirl-you said you are homeschooled in another thread. That means there is someone there teaching you. Why don't you let them deal with the UPS guy if he bothers you as much as you say?


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This isn't for real, guys. There isn't a 17 year old out there this ignorant. It's called a troll.

UPS Girl: If you want us to believe you send me a private message with your name and full mailing address. I'm in Loss Prevention and I'll have it taken care of for you. Otherwise I stand by my assertion that you are a troll, and you need to get a life.