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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Jun 26, 2011.

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    Who cares? If they can build it and employ 100 thousand people then do it. The taxpayers will gladly chip in to complete this project if it brings revenue into the state in projects. There are literally thousands of businesses that will thrive on the project and 100 thousand people who will bring home a paycheck.

    These kinds of projects are always under bid, you think Hoover Dam was under budget? They had so many cost overruns it wasnt funny, and they started cutting corners when People who didnt want the project starting complaining about the cost and they ended up killing workers.

    Once that happened, common sense took over and the project was completed and a success. The same will happen with this rail system in calfornia. Taking thousands of cars off the hwy from frisco to so cal will save millions of barrels of oil, reduce accidents and free up traffic. The cost may seem high, but at the end of the day, the benefits outweigh the risks.

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    California people will ride this train like they already do the existing ones.......they don't! They are addicted to their own cars. This train will be the biggest waste of $$$ and won't solve any freeway crowding if everyone continues to drive. Just like the impact of 'green' cars. Sure, there are some, but people want their gas ungines.

    Why in the world would I want to go to central California??? To visit a farm??? I could almost make sense of it if it was going to Vegas........that's where the cars go........91 to 15 and zoom!
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    I finally found something for which I can respect you ... your cynicism!
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    Democratic attitude....La Dee Da !!
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    Why waste billions on new rail lines while existing rail lines are falling apart ?
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    Clearly you dont have the first clue about rail travel. Amtrak is a slow boat to china. This is a HIGH SPEED COMMUTER train.... it wont stop but in a few places, unlike AMTRAK that has to stop in almost every town between san diego and san francisco.

    I got clues for sale, any of you interested?

    A high speed rail to frisco and back would take people off airplanes, off the freeways and save MONEY. There are flights to frisco leaving almost every hour moreluck from all so cal airports and a high speed train that could take 3 hours to reach frisco would be cheaper and more relaxing for passengers.

    There are soo many advantages to the project that in time (years) the project will have paid for itself.

    All over the world, high speed rails are running effectively and cost efficient. They have learned their lesson about excess fuel consumption.

    YOU hate it because thats what your programmed to think.

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    You all claim to want to see unemployment go down, and when projects are announced to do just that, you all jump on the republican bandwagon of keeping the unemployment rate at 10%.

    Make up your minds or just come clean. The republicans are doing everything they can to keep unemployment high so they can succeed in the next election. They could care less about the unemployed.

    They are willing to sacrifice americans lives just to try and take the white house. Its pathetic.

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    Find me a study where high speed rail paid for itself. So far none have.
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    So, in your preconceiving mind any question of the validity of a project merits, constitutes jumping on a band wagon? Is there a cost too high to pay to create a job? Is it a good idea to spend a million dollars to create a minimum wage job?

    You say all projects such as this and the hoover dam have over runs, and history shows that is basically true. According to the article the est cost of this project is $43 Billion. The cheapest over run est by a non-partisan group is nearly double, with one USC professor putting the OR est at $200 Billion. How close is the est of 450K permanent jobs being created? Where is the bankrupt state of California going to get 80-200 billion dollars?
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    Quick solution would be to borrow the funds from Mexico, but the route of this new high speed line will need to change. It will need to start in Mexico and end at the Canadian border.
    First thing needed to be done will be an enviromental impact study, should take about ten years, then the route will need to be adjusted to satisfy local pols about what lands will needed to be grabbed, maybe another tens years to settle all the lawsuits.
    So actual work will begin in roughly 20 years, you planning on waiting around for one of those nice highly paid construction jobs ?
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    Here's a project........lets start drilling projects here in the United States........making new jobs and getting us off foreign oil...................you're lovin' it right ?

    Your reaction......
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    Moreluck, like I said previously, you dont have the first clue about the oil industry. I can tell you that offshore drilling in this country is at its highest peak in decades currently and its not making a difference. The oil companies have leases on sites offshore that they ARE NOT DEVELOPING, not because they cant or are prevented from it, BECAUSE THEY WONT.

    Most of these leases are expiring without a single drill being placed into the sea. All the permits were granted, all the steps were taken, but what you dont understand is why they are not started.


    DO you seriously believe that there is a supply shortage? The world is floating on oil at this time in history.

    The reason there hasnt been any drilling on those leases is because in order to control oil prices, no new projects be can started. Its a matter of controlling the price per barrel. Its a practice that began with Ronald Reagan. Manipulating the oil levels RAISES prices. MORE OIL less price per barrel, LESS OIL more prices per barrel.

    Now, if you believe that the OIL companies want to return to the days of $25 per barrel then you NUTS.

    Oil Companies have raked in BILLIONS of dollars under Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2. Oil held steady under Clinton and Obama held it in check until January 2011 when the republicans took control of congress. It shot up and peaked at $115.00 a barrel. Its currently at $90 per barrel and heading to the high $80's.

    Under bush 2, oil skyrocketed to $150.00 per barrel. or 450% in his first 2 years.

    Why werent any new drilling ops during that 8 year period when the republicans had control of both houses???

    If the answer is drilling, why under Reagan were refineries closed, under bush1 refineries were closed, but under clinton, he had to release oil from the spr to keep prices in check, and under Bush2 there was no drilling approved ANYWHERE.

    HIgh speed rails will cure this countries thirst for oil. High speed rails with limited stops should be all over this country. State to State. LA to Vegas would be terrific idea. Projects have to start somewhere, and in California, LA to FRISCO makes the best sense.

    Drilling isnt the answer Moreluck, the oil industry isnt going to screw up its own game.

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    If I'm so stupid, why do you continue to post extended explanations like you are the master of all subjects on the site and I am beneath a grasshopper level and unable to understand the very complicated subjects that you speak about.

    According to you, I don't get it. I don't understand how jobs are made. I don't understand the oil industry. I don't understand economics. I don't understand the gays. I don't understand drugs. So give up on me already. Trust me, I'll survive without your misguided advice!!
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    I like you soooo much! I wont give up on your twisted mis-thought.

    You appear "robotic" in your views as you merely repeat the ideas proposed by a cable news channel. Your told oil drilling is the answer to job creation, but it isnt. Most of those rigs use foriegners to operate them. Cheaper labor.

    If everything you post on this site wasnt "word for word" foxed spews points of view, I could take you seriously.

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    On the other hand, it would take me 8 hours and 5 minutes to ride the train from my hometown of Plattsburgh, NY, to New York City--Penn Station. it stops in every little dink ass town along the way. Keep in mind that I can make the drive in about 5 hours.

    We have got to look for alternatives that would entice people to leave their cars at home.
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    HIgh speed rail in this country is years behind other developed countries.

    In Japan, traveling from prefecture to prefecture is done on high speed, limited stop high speed rails.

    Same in europe.

    Only here do we propose to stay stuck on oil.

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    You see where the red line is on that map? There are actually lots of people living all along the line. In the proposed CA. route, there are people at the beginning and people at the end with lots of farms, cows, etc. in between.
    "Dubious projections. The bullet train's prospects for turning big profits are founded on ridership forecasts that are deeply flawed, two studies say. Rather than making billions in profits, high-speed rail might actually “incur significant revenue shortfalls,” a UC Berkeley study indicated."

    They say, "The sooner we build it, the less expensive it will be." That doesn't mean it even should be built. Just hurry up is never a good idea....that's how we got Obamacare.

    "The Central Valley segment isn't a paying route, ..." Even the project people don't see ridership!!

    It's just totally different here than the East Coast. Building a bullet train where there aren't enough people is just stupid. The first projected leg is in like Bakersfield.........
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    Oh, I forgot, we already have Amtrak and Metrolink. You ride right on the ocean....what a view!! I still see trains go by with 2 or 3 people on it.....big waste!!