Hired off the street after applying for Fulltime Driver position

Hey there new and Old UPS folks.. Glad, anxious, and worried to be here!

So I applied for the full-time package delivery driver and got the interview the next day and the following day we had a follow up and was asked to bring our driving abstract.

So I watched a few youtube video's and lurked here on the board while my background info comes back. The 7 day's it takes for that info to come back should be tomorrow.

Been reading thread: For all new hires, go here (on topic)

Today I decided not to keep reading into the threads because the only thing that seems consistent is the inconsistency of the process. So I'd like to ask kindly and with respect on what's the newest information in real time. August 2017.

I have someone on the inside who is sincere with me and informed me of the raw real deal of the 10 hour days and that it's a lot of work for a man my age (Starting in his early 40's)

I also spoke to two delivery vets who deliver in the area and a supervisor.

-Do they really hire new hires to drive off the street when there's so many people aiming for this job?

-Why is it that the process is so slow for everyone else and it's so quick for new hires. It smells like a set up quite honestly?

-At any time do they ask the drivers to help out packing... (aside from organizing your truck in the morning)


Lunch is the best part of the day
Honestly you need the willpower of superman and nerves of steel for this job.
You should apply at FedEx.