Hoffa gets boooed at Teamsters picnic !

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by wildgoose, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. wildgoose

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    I heard from a yellow freight driver that Hoffa when introduced to the stage that he was boooed by all Hourly teamsters. In south florida this past weekend ! Teamsters are booing him. I also heard very few Ups drivers showed up too. I guess they are tired of the same ol same ol !
  2. scratch

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    I have just recieved the third automated "Vote For Hoffa" phonecall. I wonder if Teamster members are paying for his campaign, this pisses me off. Under him the multiple pension and saleries have increased for National IBT officials, along with my pension and insurance cuts.Its time for him to go.:mad:
  3. mittam

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    Amen Scratchking I totally agree it is time to put hoffa out. It is time to put an end to the corruption we currently endure. However even if the body elects the Leadham slate I for one do not think he will make it in. The corruption runs so deep that the votes will probably still go his way(hoffa). As far as I know the teamsters are not allowed to pay for his campaign or pay forthis automated call center. I believe the NLRB would have all these answers as to what is acceptable in union campaigns. As far as the pension cuts go the fund is approximately 64 % funded. Under the new laws the fund has to be funded a lot higher than it is currently. How do they get these percentages up? They further cut your pension benifits and all of a sudden it is properly funded. And pockets of ibt officers are lined even more!!!
  4. scratch

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    I'm quoting myself here! after I made the first post, I got the automated phone call from Tom L, which he recorded himself. I am on vacation this week, my wife says these calls come a lot the last week or so. Why do they call Package Drivers during the day when they should know we are actually at work? I did find my IBT Ballot in a stack of mail today. I voted for Leedham, I doubt that much will change if he gets in, he just isn't a Hoffa.
  5. CTOTH

    CTOTH Not retired, just tired

    I'm with you on this. I will be voting against Hoffa. New blood has to change something, maybe not for the better but something has to change. I'll vote the Leedham slate.
  6. Bill

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    Does it realy make a difference who runs the Teamsters (Hoffa or Leedham)? It is necessary to end the corruption with Hoffa, but even if Leedham gets elected, his hands are tied. The pension fund is in trouble for several reasons, mostly because our money is supporting other companies who do not contribute to the fund. The only alternative is to throw out the Teamsters, and vote for the APWA. This is the only way that all the UPS pension money will go to us. Look what the UPS pilots did. They started their own union (IPA), and now they are much better off. They just received a 26% increase in pay, as well as more money going into their pension fund.
  7. hoser

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    I'm voting against Hoffa, for, uh, the OTHER GUY! Whoever he is :D.

    Did you guys get the phone call from Bill Clinton reminding you the ballot is in the mail?
  8. CTOTH

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    APWA wasn't on the ballot I received. :lol:
  9. scratch

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    Great point. The current IBT Election is about the Union that represents us now, and the issue is whether you want Hoffa in to do the same or let Leedham take over and hopefully improve what he can. If you don't like Hoffa, this is your chance to vote him out! While a new union sounds like a great idea to the APWA fans, there is no way it will happen anytime in the near future if it ever happens at all. Don't just ignore that IBT Ballot laying on the table and just throw it away. Check a box and mail it in, its postage paid. WE need to try to fix what we have now than just ignore the situation, its not going away. I would rather have a former UPS employee run the Teamsters than a "lawyer" anyday.
  10. any122

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    I don't believe that he got booed because I think the members are afraid of Hoffa.Somebody should kick his ass so hard out of the IBT that he would need to have the boot removed by a surgeon!
  11. CTOTH

    CTOTH Not retired, just tired

    I would love to kick his ass and I'm definatley not afraid of him or any of his goons. If he ever came this far north, I wouldn't hesitate to boo him. He'll never come up here though, it's much too cold for his fat ass!
  12. ja4079

    ja4079 ja4079

    iI got a call from clinton; hung up when I realized what was being said
  13. Slushieman

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    I am just glad that you guys have stopped worrying about UPS Frieght!