Holiday Pay?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by NooB123, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. NooB123

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    a couple quick questions...1st off is there any reason someone would recieve holiday pay after being let go? I left ups at least3 months ago and yesterday i got a check in the mail for thanksgiving??? does anyone know the reason for this?

    also ive yet to receive my vacation pay or my sick/optional days pay? any suggestions on how i can try and get these unpaid hours??? ive waited for months now and all ive recieved is a check for 28$ for thanksgiving???

    thnx any help is much appriciated! :)
  2. MobileBA

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    When you terminate your employment with your employer there are rules to how long there are to settle wages, vacation, sick bank. Usually its pretty quick, maybe a week.
  3. NooB123

    NooB123 New Member

    yeah um its been months...
  4. upsgrunt

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    My guess is that you are not off the books yet and are still considered an employee.
  5. JonFrum

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    Sounds like you may be on Layoff status, not actually Terminated.

    Your regional Supplement will tell you about Sick Days, Optionals, Vacations, etc.

    Upon discharge, the Employer shall pay all money due to the employee during the first (1st) payroll department working day. Upon quitting, the Employer shall pay all money due to the employee on the payday in the week following such quitting."
  6. NooB123

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    o so im not actually terminated yet so i guess that makes sense but does that mean that i should still be recieving holiday pay? and its been months when do you think theyll get arund to terminating me? lol i never thought id be anticipating my employment termination..but i need the moola!!!

    another question seeing how i recieved holiday pa right after thanksgiving mans im still on payroll mean i will still recive scheduled paychecks owed to i guess the only way il be getting myvacy/sick pay is when its actually vacay is the first week ofjan so ill wait on that, but when exatly do ups employees rcieve aquired sik/per. days ? sometime duing the 1st month of the new year right?
  7. NooB123

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    Sorry for the atrocious spelling/grama but im typing in a hurry...
  8. JonFrum

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    What did you learn when you contacted UPS to verify that you are terminated, and to obtain all the checks you may have coming to you?

    What did you learn when you looked up each of your questions in you regional Supplement?
  9. NooB123

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    i asked if i could return to work they said that some of the supes didnt think it would be good idea..the daysort man. said he would contact me within 34 hours reguarding my vacay...

    when i looked it up i learned hat the employer is to give all unpaid wages within the week following my discharge...never happened.