Holiday pay


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Because you were part time before driving, your “seniority” is still listed as part time until such point that you pass your 30 days. Therefore, your holiday pay is that of a part timer. 4 hours.


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I'm a Part Time Supervisor
I work in Illinois would like to know if any other UPS hubs got paid for holidays?
If you work what should your pay rate be?

The biggest advice we give here is go ask your supervisor....and here we are a supervisor not in the know.

Gotta love this company.
Are you really that dense? THE 6 Recognized holidays UPS has are paid.
Well I'm not densed I'm asking because I worked Labor Day and they didn't pay us for the holiday. We did get paid double time but no holiday pay. We're told to take a D-day and code it 22.They stop paying UPS in the this hub they stop paying us last year. They told us every UPS stop paying management holidays .