Horrible retirement party in Lakeland, FL

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wornoutupser, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. wornoutupser

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    I have to tell this one!
    A feeder driver retired in Lakeland last week. His entire family made it to his retirement party.
    What did the center mangager give him?
    A box of 12 doughnuts!
  2. dannyboy

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    Way to go UPS management! Unfortunatly this happens more times than not. Some managers just dont care.

  3. ja7618

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    wornoutupser I think I know who you are talking about, my husband is a driver in Lakeland!!
  4. peacock71

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    Were they Krispy Kreme at least...or Dunkin...

    When I retire I'm hopong for the Krispys!

    Go UPS!
  5. tieguy

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    I have to admit thats pretty tacky.
  6. peacock71

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    If you live to retirement at UPS, could you have done your job? (Managers only)

    Go UPS!
  7. tieguy

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    I don't understand the question?
  8. local804

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    WOW Krispy Kremes......He must have been very special.Here up north, UPS awards our veterans with bagels.
  9. ezrider

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    Wornoutupser that is some smelly cheese and I live in the cheese state so I should know.I suppose the candy dispensing machine in the breakroom was all out of Zagnut Bars or the pez dispensers at the Howard Johnson's had too long of a line!For crying out loud did Mickey Mouse escape from Disneyland down there and take over day to day operations in that center?

    At least tell me that they forked out the extra 20 cents for the colored jimmies.That's just about as low as it gets.What was the guy's reaction to the "dirty dozen"?
  10. upsace

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  11. ups_vette

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    You neglected to say what the Teamsters did for the retiree for all his years as a faithful brother.

    I'm sure you also neglected to mention there was coffee and doughnuts for the entire Center, where his co-workers could congratulate him and wish him well in his retirement.

    Did you also fail to mention members of the District Staff were there to also honor him for his years of service?
  12. proups

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    wornoutupser: tell us more. UPS Vette asked some good questions.
  13. snowdog

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    Your post was pretty one sided. You conveniently failed to mention that these weren't just ANY doughnuts. They were very symbolic - They were chocolate glazed (representing the color brown), the holes in the middle symbolize the number zero, which represents how much appreciation his management team has for his 25 years of blood, sweat and tears; and the carton which held these precious doughnuts happens to make an outstanding holding case for 25 years worth of UPS artifacts such as pins, awards, letters of commendation, etc..

    I've got only 15 years to go before that carton makes it to me! I can hardly wait. [​IMG]
  14. tieguy

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    Wornout have you been holding out on us?
  15. upsdude

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    A driver in my center retired 3 months ago. He didnt tell anyone, NO ONE, of his plans until the evening before his last day. The center manager hastily put together a ceremony the next morning complete with food, an envelope stuffed with green and the American flag that flew in front of the building. The driver was speechless and very emotional with the flag presentation.
  16. dannyboy

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    Kudos to your center manager! THat was sooooo neat. IT would mean a lot to some people to get a flag like that.

  17. rushfan

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    If were still around in 25 years, I will go out silently. I filled in for a driver who retired with 26 years of service, the day after he did so. His customers had some nice presents for him. Not just stuff from the dollar store, but gift certificates, ect. One was to Cabella's for 500.00 dollars. Hence the reason for providing outstanding service.
  18. toonertoo

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    I have seen bad farewells for our senior drivers also. One with 30 yrs got bagels, but no cream cheese and no PCM. I guess it all depends on the staffing the day of the drivers final day. We usually take up a collection, and have a sendoff at a local pub, or someones house, and kind of do a pot luck kind of thing. After all he/she is going to miss the comraderie, not the building. And the co workers have affected their lives more than the management that comes and goes. As we all know we are the company anyway, not the powers at UPS.
  19. proups

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    snowdog: I have seen both good and bad. It depends on the management, sure - but it also depends on the notice the driver gives management.

    If you walk in one night and tell your manager that you are leaving the next day, what do you expect?

    On the other hand, if the driver communicated well in advance, then shame on the management team if they didn't do the right thing.

    Give your management plenty of notice before you leave, and maybe you'll get a nice send-off.
  20. antimatter

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    When I retire (10 more years) the Company will owe me NOTHING. We break even every payday.

    Now, if they want to honor me and the incredible level of service I have provided, it would be nice... but it is not expected.