Hours Required for Vacation pay?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Hammey, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Hammey

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    So I recently hit my 1 year mark with UPS March 4th. I took vacation time last week and wasn't payed for it. So I contacted my supervisor and after 2-3 days he said that although I've been there a year I have no accumulated enough hours to get the vacation pay. My checks state that I have 25 hours still on the bottom of it. Anyone know how many hours it takes before you can actually get the vacation pay :sad-very:?
  2. saintrick

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    That is a standard supervisor answer. Do you know what supplement you are under? With a 3/4 date I would think you would qualify for a week. If your check shows you with vacation time then you have it. Did you schedule a vacation when the list was posted last year?
  3. UPSGUY72

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    You should contact your HR person and talk to your shop steward... They will be able to help you....
  4. Hammey

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    Yeah I posted for the time before my 1 year ( at the end of last year), for the actual vacation to be after the 1 year. Paycheck has been showing that I have 20 available hours for vacation. Ill be sure to contact my HR, thanks.
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    Most sups are decent people, not trying to eff people over, but like others said, contact HR, steward, etc. When I went FT driving, my management team told me I had to go back to the starting rate a new driver makes, because basically "that's the breaks, and it's part of being a rookie". If I had taken their word on it, I would have taken a $4 an hour paycut to what my building rate was. Would have been a decent chunk of cheese over the course of a year.