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  1. Skippy262

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    I have just spent several days going over this with our shop stewart seems we are all going to have big problems. I have figured out that under the new agreement everyone of us will never be able to get to the maximum retiremement benefit which we all think we might someday be able to enjoy. After I brought this to our shop stewart he in turn took it to the hall and they are all scrambling to see how to get this reversed.
    Hours worked are now being calculated in your paystubs and there is a reason for it.
    All heath and welfare and retirement contributitions are calculated under "HOURS WORKED".
    Here are the figures they are based on 40 hr. work week (because overtime is not garanteed)
    52 weeks/ yr x 40 hrs= 2080 total hrs
    6 sickdays lost 240 hrs based on taking 1 at a time total left 1840 hrs
    6 holidays lost 240 hrs
    time total left 1600 hrs
    1 wk option lost 40 hrs
    total time left 1560 hrs
    need 1650 hrs to get 1 year retirement accredited you are short 90 hrs.
    4 weeks vac. lost 160 hrs
    total short 250 hrs=you need to work 5.20 hrs o/t every week or you will never get the 1650 hrs needed.
    5 weeks vac. 200 hrs
    total short 290 hrs=you need to work 6.17 hrs o/t every week to get to 1650 hrs. or no credit.
    6 weeks vac. 240 hrs
    total short 330 hrs.= you need to work 7.17 hrs o/t every week or you get no credit.
    This is not acceptable that our Union has agreed to this and we the working/ dues paying teamsters are now stuck with this agreement.
  2. govols019

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    Vacation time doesn't count towards hour worked?

    That doesn't seem right.
  3. 1989

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    That must depend on where you are. My supplement says:

    Pension contributions payable into the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust Fund on account of each part-time and full-time employee of the bargaining unit shall be paid for each hour for which compensation was paid (all compensable hours) up to a maximum of 2080 hours per calendar year. ​
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    UPS has just started this calculating of "Hour Worked" and they are not crediting and vac time/holidays/or sicktime as Hours worked.
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    It must depend like 1989 said, because Here in Upstate NY, the current supplemental says all compensated time will be counted and paid for towards the funds, and the new supplemental lists no changes to those sections except for the increases in payment each year to the funds. Now i understand what skippy is talking about, that is in the master contract dealing with the former central states fund now UPS/IBT jointly trusted fund. Mine is NYS teamster fund.
  6. Johney

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    If we only need 2080 hrs I don't see a problem as my end of year total was over 2200 hrs. And let me say I took alot of days off(unpaid).
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    The problem is, that that 2200 hrs included ur sick days (paid), option, roving holidays, personal days, and vacation weeks, totalling X amt of hrs putting u below the threshold of 2080 if your in the former central states fund
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    2080 hrs is the max you can work if you never take a day off (no sicktime/vac time/holidays) not the amount needed. once you get the 1650 hrs no other contributions are made no matter how many hrs you work past the 1650hrs. they are now talking making the total hrs needed to 1800hrs
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    Please quote the exact Master and/or Supplemental language that supports your contentions.

    Old Master Contract:

    Recent Changes to the Master and Regional Supplements:
    - - - - -
    Incidentally, the New England Supplement now contains this concession in Article 68:
    "Health and Welfare contributions will not be made on temporary helpers as defined in Article 67, Section 5."
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    From my understanding it is hours compensated for retirement benefits! I beleive you are thinking way to much and you are confusing yourself along with your shop steward!.....At least this is my understanding at 705. 25 and out is 25 and out....You don't have to work your vacation time to get 25 years of service!
  11. paidslave

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    Hey skippy! I have noticed on my check it does say HOURS WORKED NOW.......very interesting and I will have to look into this more...

    Thanks for bringing this up!
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    New England - you need pension credits, not years. Everyone's different.

    I touched on this issue before but no one really wanted to reveal anything on the issue.

    This is not "new" either, as some have proclaimed in this thread; ..has been going on for at least a year if not two that I've seen in my paychecks!

    "hours worked" on the pay schedule is not the same as vacation, holiday, or option days. Whether they count towards pension credit is not known by me, but even with NO overtime and 4 weeks vacation, I have a full years credits for '07.

    My opinion - you get credit for ALL hours into your retirement,, even though UPS does not count "hours worked" on your stubs.

    This could be changing though, with this new contract/supplement, something I did not forsee nor study up on......:whiteflag: :looks around for a informed steward:

    PS vote yes
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Vacation pay is 45 hours, not 40 hours.
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  15. Skippy262

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    it's my understanding pension credits are based on 40 hrs worked if you do not work 40 hrs you get no credit. so if you take off 4 weeks vac that 4x40=160 hrs lost. 6 holidays 6x40=240 hrs lost. I have gone over these numbers and with my shop steward and he states these numbers are correct and this is going to be a big problem. He has brought this to the attention of the hall and he tells me the hall is scrambling over this issue.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Cachsux, do you really get 50 hours whenever you take a week of vacation?
  17. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Eh? Your #'s are terrible. 6 Holidays X 8 hours maybe....48 hours.
  18. Johney

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    If this is true, then all those yes voters are really going to be scratching their heads now.
  19. trickpony1

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    I checked my most recent vacation paycheck stub.

    The 45 straight time hours that I am paid for vacation was added correctly to the "Y-T-D Totals" of the week before to yield a correct cumulative Y-T-D total.

    I am in the CS area.

    Is the OP trying to say that even though the paycheck stub reflects the correct accumulative number of hours worked that they don't count because some were vacation, sick days or optional week?
  20. Johney

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    I made 1.50 bonus total last week and it was calculated into my total hours worked. If What your saying is true why would they count bonus as hours worked when I didn't really work that extra 1.50?