House panel opens door for Teamsters to organize FedEx workers

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    House panel opens door for Teamsters to organize FedEx workers - Scripps News

    The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this week made it easier for unions like the International Brotherhood of Teamsters to organize FedEx employees.

    By changing the jurisdiction of how some employees can be organized -- from national to local bargaining units -- the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act that now goes to the House floor takes away provisions that made it difficult for FedEx drivers to join local unions.

    The Teamsters have unsuccessfully attempted to organize FedEx for years. UPS, whose drivers are largely represented by the Teamsters, supports the language because it would increase FedEx expenses and make it less competitive. Thousands of FedEx's 290,000 employees would be affected and some analysts say the company's expenses would increase 30 percent as a result of unionization.
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    Unfortunately ...
    The bill will now go to the House floor and is likely to pass, as it did in 2007. However, Mica informed the committee that he is hearing the Senate may not even consider the measure for up to six months.
    Cohen said after the markup that a delay would be unfortunate.
  3. Now is the time for every Federal Express employee,their family and friends to email,write or phone their local senators or congress person to push for passage of this most important Bill.Every Teamster should also do the same.Without UNIONIZATION in Fedex the tyrant Fred Smith and his Memphis Mafia will continue their reign of terror on all of the Express division employees.What will they take away from us next,the yearly raise,sick days,vacation weeks and personal days.How much more will we be paying for our benefits [dental,life,medical and eyeglasses].If we fail to take a stand and not push for UNIONIZATION we will always be fearful of what will happen next.Contact your local Teamster office or talk to your local UPS driver on how to get involved
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    Agreed take a small bit of time and call/email/write