how are your 22.3 scheduled

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  1. upsers22.3

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    preload -air driving
  2. Brown Rocket

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    We have 3. They pre-load, make a run to the air port. Run EAMs from the air port, and then return to the building for 1030 air help.
  3. Baba gounj

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    we have several; preload / customer counter (S-F 4:30a-11:30a), customer counter / airdriver (11:30a-20:30p M-F), customer counter / airdriver/ Sat air (T-S), Pm airdriver/ air shuttle & ADP pickup & shuttle (17:00p-02:00a M-F ), carwash/ preload{3}( S-Th 18:00p -01:00a ),customer counter / same day will call (12:00p-21:00p M-F ), ADP pickup & shuttle to Worc / preload(S-F 12:00a-09:00a) except on Fridays then its local sort / ADP shuttle S-F starts at 18:00p
  4. UnsurePost

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    clerical/ hub twi-mid
  5. ItAintMe

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    preload-morning airs
    preload-customer counter
    local sort-wash
    air drive-wash
    The local sort is pretty much get in where you fit in. Most of us have enough seniority to have decent jobs during the sort.