How can i contact ups payroll dept?

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    Here in louisville when payroll was here we could always take care of problems ourself. Since payroll moved to ohio we cant get any info unless our supervisor contacts payroll. Any information we may need can take up to a week to get,so if anyone would and could be so kind to forward me a phone # or email address it would be much appreciated.
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    What kind of info on your paycheck do you need? You obviously have internet so you can go to to update info.

    If there was error on check, Art 17 of the National Master United Parcel Service Agreement addresses this. In short, without quoting, which would take too long, if there is an error over $30 (FT, $15 PT) that is due to the company's mismanagement, they have to correct it by the second scheduled day after reporting it.

    If it is NOT corrected by this time, said employee is entitled to half a days wage until the shortage is corrected.

    For further information, please check your contract.
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    i understand how to change info via the internet like my address. i also understand that if my check is wrong and its ups's fault i am due a half days pay if its not corrected by a certain time. Other problems ,like child support for instance sometimes need special care and explanations that need direct contact with a payroll rep. for instance,every year ive sold and worked my vacation. Anyone who pays child support knows that if your working a vacation week they take child support out of both checks for that week then when they see youve worked your week a couple weeks later they dont take out child support to even it out. They just wanna make sure if you say your working it you work it that way the child gets the money due.I have no problem with that . Sometimes payroll doesnt automatically fix the child support and you end up having to contact payroll and remind them to not take it out 1 week.Its happened for probably 12 of the 13 years ive been paying child support. Sometimes other problems happen where you need direct contact with a payroll rep an its easier to talk to someone other than an immediate supervisor who may or may not contact payroll for a while.i understand the normal payroll probalems,not everything is always easy to rectify
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    Why doesn't your mngmt team just give you a direct phone number.The've given it to me with no questions ask in the past.There's no reason why your sup should not give you the number.If not contact Human resources.

    P.S.If you don't get any cooperation, contact your shop steward and petition for the number.Then, let your sup and all your co-workers know the next ERI survey you take,your answer will be negative when the question is...How helpful is your mngmt team?
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    Got it Bear. I see your problem. I agree with diesel. Contact your supe and your manager. If they don't rectify matters, then contact steward NOW.
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    An incoherent necropost--not the best first impression to make.
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    Hello ' I would like my pay stubs sent to this e-mail address. I have direct deposit for my paychecks but, I have to have the pay stub sent to [email protected] please help. Steve
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    I have never heard of pay stubs being e-mailed directly and can't imagine the headache that would be involved in payroll doing this.

    Paychecks are available on on Thursdays.
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    have you asked for that number recently. Ohio won't take your calls unless you get lucky. We have a person in finance who contacts ohio to get questions answered.
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    I would be thrilled to have a direct number to payroll. I work for one of the one of the new satellite locations so our boss is in another state. I have asked several times to have a shortage from April looked into and still no word.
  14. Check into the TotalPay Card on
    It look slike something you may be interested in.
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    bumping hoping someone has the number
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    I need a record of employment and copy of all my pay stubs ,how is it possible for me to get this. I do not have the access to a computer so I am using my sisters.
    Can someone email this information to my sisters email for me, if so please email to [email protected].

    Thank you in advance
    Helen Mc Daid
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    Payroll cannot talk to employees directly on the phone. We have no way to verify that you are who you say you are on the phone and payroll information is considered confidential. The only way you can contact payroll is to have your manager/supervisor put in an inquiry or adjustment.

    The exception is the garnishment department. Due to the highly personal nature of garnishments, we will talk to you directly about child support/garnishments, etc. PM me if you want that phone number as I don't want to post it in an open forum. If you have other payroll related questions, PM me and I'll do my best to help you out or tell you who to contact through official channels.

    To answer the bear2's question (yes, I realize it's really old but I see this come up every day) about vacation and working during the paid vacation.
    The payroll system will take child support or any other active garnishment from every check produced. It will not recognize that you have already been paid a vacation for that week and then ended up working. When this happens, your manager/supervisor MUST put in an adjustment asking the payroll dept to override the CS/garn on your worked check to zero for the week. (Payroll will not automatically look for or correct this.) The funds deducted for CS/garn are sent out to the third party immediately so we do not have the ability to refund this money but can always zero out the deduction on a future week to offset a double dip. Same thing if you sell back vacations because they will cause an extra check to be generated.

    To Steven, paystubs are not emailed. You can look them up on as another poster answered.

    To Helen, contact the center you worked for and have them request a payroll (536) history for you if you are unable to access The record of employment will have to come from HR.
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    I did not get my direct deposit paycheck