How do I join my shopping cart with real UPS prices ? XML ?

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    I have a shopping cart created by myself, and would like to connect to UPS site in such way thta it gives me real prices for shipping costs depending on the quantity of my products and destination.... is that possible ? is there any XML service to get ontime data ?Thanks in advance,
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    You made your own shopping cart? Impressive.

    I use resources that are coded by others, creating a shopping cart from scratch is way over my head. This may not be news to someone with your skills, but I suggest you take a look at the ups api.
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    You want to go to and download the UPS Developers Kit. These are a set of XML tools and Web Services.
    You will have to Register on and be logged in to access the UPS Developer tools,
    Go to this URL and follow the instructions -
    ou will have to apply for a developer Access key.
    Start with the Rating tool and add as needed from there with the other available tools.
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    Beyond the technical issues, have you considered some more practical issues? For example, to rate a package, you need to know the size and weight of the package as it will ship. Unless you can just take the product, and slap a label on it, that means you have to consider the box you will pack it in, the weight of that box, the weight of any void fill, and the dimentions. Perhaps not that hard if you're just putting one product in each shipping box, or if you have just one product that may ship in multiple units, but how will you determine shipping boxes with multiple mixed products?

    And don't forget that boxes and shipping supplies aren't free when you're setting your costs.

    While eBay sellers may try to match shipping charges to their actual costs, the larger the retailer, the less likely they are to try to do the nearly impossible. They may want accurate time in transit information, and they may shoot for some rough corelation between agragate shipping costs, and agragate shipping charges, but they don't try to rate actual shipping costs at the time of sale.

    So while you're teaching yourself how to use the technology, don't forget that ultimately you need to figure out how to apply what's technically possible in a practical world.
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    And, I'll add my 2 cents to this topic, too.
    Which means if you want to ship to Canada, you better offer USPS !
    UPS charges a minimum $20.00+ brokerage fee for any small shipment to Canada. That even includes a CD or DVD for example.
    I had one lady so mad at me, because she made the mistake and shopped online at instead of for a CD.
    I had to collect an additional $21 C.O.D brokerage fee, plus 5% taxes upon delivery.

    With USPS there is no brokerage fee, just the 5% taxes, that are most times waived for small amounts under $50.

    That being said, I never import items using UPS !
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    Geez, I thot I reached a milestone when I found the on-off switch on this thing!