how do you all deal with customers trying to get up into the cab.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by coldworld, May 3, 2008.

  1. Coldworld

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    Do any of you have some customers who think its their business to get up into the cab with you? Ive had customers in the past just get up into the cab and start walking back into the cargo area until I tell them to get down. there are also some who get up into the stairs, I dont like that either and boot their ass back down. What is it that makes them do this? I sometimes leave the passanger side door shut, but leave the window open and if its a small pkg just pop it out the window to them, just like a drive through window. Usually its guys, or old men in the residential areas that are the worst. The thing that I really dont like is when I have the door shut and I leave it shut while trying to find a package, and someone comes out of their house and opens up the passanger door....:censored2::censored2::censored2: keep your hands off grandpa.
  2. faded jeans

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    Never had that problem with customers; lots of dogs like to jump up into the cab though.
  3. The-UK-Guy

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    Ive had a couple of coyotes jump in and take my lunch. If someone gets up in my truck I show them how to load stop for stop and take advantage of them for a while
  4. I wish my customers would come out to the car. Just let them know in a nice way that you can lose your job for allowing them into or onto the vehicle. Tell them it's a liability issue. Let them know Uncle Bundle is always watching you. Be nice. Don't forget they can sit on their butts and let you come to them if they want.
  5. speeddemon

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    You better not let TSA find you with you bulk head door open, or with anyone in thier with you that is not a UPS employee. You will be short alot of cash in fines and loss of job.
  6. rod

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    I always depended on what they looked like:wink2:
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I try to lighten the situation by saying, "Thank you for you help, but if you slip and fall and get hurt I will be flipping burgers at McDonalds" and that usually does the trick. If they don't get the hint, I then become more direct while remaining professional. The problem is that we do have some drivers who, especially at bulk stops, will let consignees on to the pkg car to help them. While I can certainly understand their thinking, I enjoy my paycheck far more than whatever help they can provide, TSA notwithstanding.

    The problem we are having now is kids trying to "catch a ride" on the back bumper with one of their friends trying to tape it so they can put in on you tube. We did have one driver who, while delivering to a local high school (pre-camera), had someone hop on and, when she pulled away, the kid fell and was hurt. The kid was brought to the ER and when the driver went there to check on her the girls mother gave the girl a tongue-lashing in front of the driver and made her apologize.
  8. longlunchguy

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    Not many folks jumping in the cab, but I hate it when someone wants to chat you up and they hang on the passenger side mirror. I dream of dragging them down the road, hooked to the mirror, flailing and crashing against the side of the package car.
  9. soberups

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    Not necessarily true. We dont always have control over the actions of others. If they are in your truck with your consent, helping you handle packages, you could get in trouble. Some people just have a different set of boundaries than others. If it were really that much of an issue, I think UPS would have a sign on the side of the truck indicating that only UPS personnel are allowed on board.
  10. toonertoo

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    It was a bigger issue before over 70's, now it doesnt matter, until one of those customers gets hurt, then it will matter.
  11. raceanoncr

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    I give em an extra set of browns, hand em the keys and and say, "Let's go make some money!".
  12. The Brown Santa

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    I have them help me find their package(s)....

    "Okay, your box will have a little white label on it with the number 1456" "It's called a PAL, and since I can't find it up on this top shelf, let's start looking in the 8000 section!"
  13. DorkHead

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    They usually see the 17 inch first step of my p800 and decide not to.
  14. xkingx

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    i just tell them to get out of my truck...what i really hate is when they stand at my door puffing on their cig. I quit for a reason
  15. filthpig

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    If they're wearing thong panties I'm cool with it.
  16. toonertoo

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    Even the 400 pound version?:surprised:
  17. soberups

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    I can deal with the thong panties...until I see a man wearing them.:whiteflag:
  18. speeddemon

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    Why do they need a sign, its our responsibility. And yes, I can control who is and is not on my truck. Its called "having a set."
  19. scratch

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    I have never had a customer just climb up into my cab. I have taken a roll of DR bags and beat the crap out of a dog that jumped in and tried to bite me though. He stays back now.:wink2:
  20. outta hours

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    I have this dude on my route that gets the Medicaid/ welfare milk every month and he is always in just his undies. I go into stealth mode to try and leave the pkg. before he hears me, but he always comes out before I can get away. What a winner.