How Does Everyone Feel About Management Diversity?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by LPGuy, Feb 16, 2008.

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    I have not posted anything in a while but was wondering: what is the consensus regarding diversity at UPS. Does it seem to anyone that UPS is going overboard with the advancement of female management people to maintain its place as an organization that promotes female minorities?

    I see many supervisors who have held the same position for 15+ years without ever moving up the ladder of success. I have personally spoken with many of these men in my district who express that they had been interested in advancement in the past but now feel that they do not have a chance. At the same time, I see young, 22 -28 year old females who have done nearly nothing and are being made managers and division managers. Does anyone have any input?

    I apologize if this seems trivial to anyone but I have trained numerous people to be my manager and am wondering if I am part of the norm or am the exception to the rule.


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    We just had a couple of women get promoted in our division.Yes they were younger. I really dont care who i work for man or woman. I have work for both. So long as they treat me fairly thats all i want.
  3. over9five

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    No, LPGuys right. UPS should promote on merit, not color or sex.
  4. JustTired

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    I think you meant gender, not sex..............

    But maybe you were right. Seems that works most of the time!!!!!!
  5. 25yrvet

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    I've had several white males in mgt tell me, "If ya want to get ahead in this company you have to be a minority and/or female".

    The PC police are winning the battle
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    I am disgusted that there are so many young attractive females eagerly looking to advance their careers. :happy-very:
  7. Management Diversity can be a good thing, depending on the motive intended for the person being promoted. I have seen people of color being promoted to carry out the dirty work of a cowardly UPPER management individual with the idea of discrimination NOT being an issue if BOTH parties are of the same race. THAT idea in itself is racist. Just as it would be if a FEMALE was promoted and another female was subjected to some form of sexual harrassment.

    It has become far to often many of the difficult managerment personnel go further up the ladder. The better ones get bypassed and or even denoted as in the case of a on car sup I once worked under. He evenutally got promoted to center manager. But because he was unwilling to play the dirt game the DM wanted him to play, he was transferred and demoted to ON CAR SUP. This guy knew MORE of what was going on and MOST of the routes in the entire building. He was fair with everyone. He instituted or administerd discipline when necessary but NEVER a continuous onslaught of "sublte retaliation" as the DM was known for. Many feared the DM. I consider him a joke. You cannot motivate people to do their best by intimidation, harrassment, or retaliation.

    GIVE RESEPECT and respect will be given. DEMAND RESPECT and you get none.
  8. DS

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    GIVE RESEPECT and respect will be given. DEMAND RESPECT and you get none.[/quote]
    So true
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    HAHAHA, you and Bill Clinton both.
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    The biggest problem I see with the management promotions is that people (both men and women from any race) that know nothing about what we do are being moved up the ladder. It does seem that popularity with the DM is way more important than ability. We have a female that was promoted from PT sup to full time sup after about 20 days of driving during peak. She became an OCS, she couldn't even drive a manual shift package car, still can't. She has no concept of how a route should be set up and ran (her driving experience was on a trash car). But she does have a nice badonkadonk.
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    I don't know. I think promoting 22 to 28 yr old females is an excellent idea. Bye Tie guy:happy-very:
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    Is that a sexist remark Tie? LOL
  13. over9five

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    Nothin' wrong with a nice badonkadonk.
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    I checked my 3-D Anatomically-Correct Visible Woman Doll and can't find a 'badonkadonk' on any of the listed features.
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    I'll bet everyone shows up on time for PCM's though.
  16. Dutch Dawg

    Dutch Dawg Active Member easily the threads transition to digression lately. I've been hearing this very same claim for the last 25 years.

    If anything.. I can truthfully say I've witnessed many good people being overlooked for positions that were filled by others that buckled at the kness to only be in over their heads.

    To me there is no understandable logic applied for management advancement at UPS and that's just fine as I've never had a desire. Why would I want to ruin a good career at UPS with such a foolish move?
  17. LPGuy

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    Thanks to all of you for your input. I have two concerns with the way that things are going. First, I hope to retire in a few years and have a vested interest in the future of this company. One response to my initial question suggested another problem that is rampant, which is the infiltration of people who are moving up the ladder and do not possess the traditional UPS "brown bleeding" values. This is also a concern of mine. That being said, with every promotion that is based on "what" someone is and not the leadership skills that the individual possesses, the company only serves to water down its pool of apt management staff. With this, more of the burden of managing the company falls on the shoulders of fewer people. Some of these people are close to retirement. Others read the writing on the wall and are looking for other opportunities. What happens when the majority of management personnel consists of persons who were selected based on something other than their demonstration that they are capable of leading and managing?

    All that one has to do is visit and read excerpts from WLD meetings and they will read things such as "our most recent meeting was filled with organic excitement as we discussed what we bring to the table in the way of diverse thought and empowerment. The quilt presentation was most enlightening and informative." I am, of course, being somewhat sarcastic but, hopefully, most of you get my point. NEVER will you find any mention of anything that has to do with actually running the business. I do not, and cannot buy in to this hogwash! Results have been the primary method in determining a person's worth to the organization since I have been around. This continues to be norm for between 60 and 70% of those in management.
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    Let me put it this way. Men usually see the up coming problem when is wife as him " Do these pants make my badonkadonk look big?" Get it now More? lol

    Over, no there is nothing wrong with a nice one, but it's hardly a positive factor in the person attached to it making decisions.
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    Man, you have no idea what kinda hell I get put through every day because of my "diverse environment" Obviously if you are a minority your accountability is Zero, just blame it on the white guy who does his job and half of yours.

    Ships sinking.
  20. JustTired

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    Good to hear from you. Always enjoy your posts.

    I, too, hope to retire shortly. But, still, I'm concerned with the direction this company is going in. There seems to be a real paradigm shift in the thinking from the top. Whether this is being caused by greed or a true concern for the future survival of the company is not clear to me. I'm leaning towards the former in the guise of the latter.

    I've seen a few good managers go by the wayside over the years. Some retired when the writing was on the wall. Others were either bought out or let go. While some were very fair in the manner they treated their people, others were somewhat abrasive. But even they would ruffle feathers above if they thought something needed to be done or changed. There doesn't seem to be anybody left that fits that mold. Of course, they would fit like a square peg in a round hole in the micromanaged style we have today.

    As far as diversity goes......I do think race and gender has some bearing on who gets promoted. I'm all for it if the qualifications are there. But, then again, what qualifications are neccesary to do nothing more than pass on orders from above and relegate the decisionmaking to those up the chain?

    I haven't seen or heard of a case where micromanagement has been a good thing in the overall health of a company. Do they teach courses in micromanagement at universities? Maybe.....but I haven't heard of any. This would lead me to think that it can't be a good thing. JMO