How does one become a 'pick-off person(?)' on a belt

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    I am just curious as to how I would become a pick-off. I have been at UPS for roughly 6 months(have passed the pick off for my belt and help high pick a good amount, did low pick for one full day), I am just wondering how it all works. I mean I assume it is a seniority thing(Just like everything else at UPS am I right?!) but is it something that you like asked to be put on a list for or what?

    I know picking off is a lot harder than loading but I love it. I love the fact that the work is harder, the rush is always on, and there is more skill involved.

    I don't mind loading but I would love pick off....So how do I make that happen!
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    Talk to your supervisor, when I worked the preload several years ago they were begging for people to be pickoffs. Even the pickoffs in my area hated being a pickoff person.
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    Hey guys, just registered because I saw 700 PPH's post regarding pick off....

    I am currently emplyed at the Deerfield beach warehouse in south florida. I have been a loader for 1 yr & 6 months, I as well fell in love with pick off after filling in for someone one day up there. It's by far probably one of the best positions you can obtain being a regular part time hourly employee....the extra dollar raise is also a nice part of getting pick upp...wait u get a dollar? yes u do..pick off is considered a skilled position because you have to know multiple trailer's sorts to be able to hold the position or in other words, you need to know the sort for your whole belt. Well, anyway I am not sure how the sections work in ur building but mine there is PD-1 PD-2, PD-3 and PD-4....I started at PD-2 where I filled in for the pick off maybe like 3 times. I then got moved to PD-1 which is a heavier belt with a lot more boxes...aloooot more....
    Recently I found out that one of the pick off is transferring to maine for school, and they allowed him to xfer to a maine building because he was in I skipped my supervisor completly and went to the manager, and told him I am interested in the postion that is opening up soon, he had me write a short letter stating why I want the positon and why I thin I would be I did...he sent it in.....I had 2 ppl before me with seniority, so I was a little upset because I happened to be there longer then both of them but they were on PD-1 before me which gives me more seniority on that belt... ( if that makes sense )....turns out a week before this guy transfered, the 1st backup guy got promoted to supsevisor o_O...and the next guy didnt want to do it becuase he is sometimes usually late due to his other I guess since hes late, and I actually " wanted " to do it.....I got promoted to pick-off starting yesterday

    I am a happy camper, I now make $ i went from 8.50 to 11.50 in a year and a half...weeeee

    So if you are interested in picking off 700 PPH

    first off....if your a loader...on ur belt...stay there....dont change to unload or small sort...just load...bite the bullet...and just....load....hey 700 PHH..we need you to do these eregs.....DO IT....just bite the bullet and do w/e they want....stay on ur belt...eventually...u will be the person loading who has been loading in ur area for the longest which gives you seniority...find out who is back up pick off on ur many pick off do you have on ur belt? My belt has and another guy...some only require one...depending on the volume....find out who is back up....if no one requested back up...ask for it...take the sort test..pass will get the dollar raise even for just being a back up...then ur garenteed to go up everytime if one of them or the person takes always garentees you the position if for any reason the person quits..gets fired, or xfers...ur already back up so your automatically the next person to go up....

    keep ur mind set to it....I thought i would NEVER get to be pick off...just too rare of a position to obtain easily....but dreams do come true man...they really do....once ur up there ur set.....they cant tell u to come down and load..because ur the most skilled on ur belt which is why ur up there in the first place.....good luck man....


    you said

    " Even the pickoffs in my area hated being a pickoff person "

    thats is crazy man...its just insane that somoene would hate doing pick off...just boggles my mind :)
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    Welcome to the browncafe NY11725...The pick-off book you wrote will surely help this person :wink2:
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    I hope so :)
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    pickoff is not as easy as it is being painted.

    I picked off in 2 buildings, once when i was part-time once full-time. Part-time I picked off for over a year almost 1.5 years. You can get some serious repetitive stress injuries in your arms from pulling and moving packages leaning over the belt. (end-range motions). I had to be moved off the pickoff because my arms were aching so badly I could not sleep at night.
    I personally would stay in the load rather than pick-off
    The grass is always greener on the other side at UPS. remember that.
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    Sleeve_meet_heart is right about the stress in ur arms...I just starting picking off like mentioned above on monday the 12th,,and that night in bed, depending on how I placed my arms, I could feel sore in my biceps...the constant pulling and pushing can get to you..but I must say...when I started working at UPS 1 yr n 6 months ago, after the first few days of whole body was sore..I worked out muscles I never knew I had bascially...but it goes way..your body gets use to it...I lost 50 pounds working as a loader and eating right...took about close to a year..but I didnt take any weight loss pills, I did it the healthy if your a loader..just think of it this way...your getting paid to work out...but back on topic...if your pick will get use to it...your arms will bother you a few days...but it should go away...I am sorry to hear Sleeves arms were bothering him so bad he had to not pick off...that makes me sad..i love being up there.
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    Yeah, watch yourself up there. I knew 1 pickoff who tore/ripped his bicep loose.
  9. UnsurePost

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    No no. What I am saying is that after a year and a half of doing it, the backs of my arms began aching so badly that I could not do the job anymore plus could not sleep at night. Completely different than biceps or anything like that. I had gone to the pickoff from the sort-aisle so the pickoff was much easier on my arms and shoulders than the sort -aisle.

    This was when I was part-time and 25 years old. LOL It had nothing to do with strength, it was the repeated motions of the job that over time wore down a small part of below the tricep area.

    This happens quite often to the pickoffs too. Unless you are 6'6 with very long arms, or your belts are more narrow than average , you may have the same problems.
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    oh, sorry I read it wrong.. :).. yea I understand what your saying...I am going to ask about that to the other pick off who I work with..hes been doing it for over 4 years..I wonder what he has to say to that :)
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    I picked off for 7 years, strong side it gets lonely up there unless you have a weakside all sort.which at todays ups is hard to believe,the reason why people get hurt on pick off is because the job is not done the way it was intended to be you should always have a weakside or the space over there would not be there,no.2 you should not have to stack packages to the ceiling.these are the reasons people get burned out up there,you got to be fast and sure handed and most important you have to be able to stay at least one package matter what people say on here they can pull you off pickoff stand if they want to and make you load or whatever thanks to all this work as directed crap today.theres no preferred jobs anymore,i would still rather pickoff than load anyday,i liked yelling at the pt sup and making all that noise.
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    That depends on the size of the "warehouse" you work in. At my HUB the pick-off is responsible for sorting packages for anywhere from about 5 to 8 or 9 preloaders and the 4 or 5 trucks they load. There can be 28 trucks lined up in a row, on one "penn" at my hub. The pick-off job is hard, they are not supposed to stop the belt and there is no pre-pick off to help. I know most of the guys who have done it don't like it and would rather do something else. Just because you like doing it doesn't mean everyone does... jmho. Every facility is different, just something to think about.:happy2:
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    Yea I know some buildings are more brutal...

    I pick off for 6-8 people, thats 4 different locations, 2 of them loading 3 trailers a night, so you can figure out the flow my belt gets by that gets heavy at times...but theres moments where it clams down where you can take a rest. Friday's are usually the most heavy because on fridays one of the trailers on our belt take all the 2 and 3 days, so we can slammed even more :(
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    I don't mind loading but I would love pick off....So how do I make that happen![/QUOTE]

    A guy in our building did it this way...

    He became a driver and then really :censored2: off the center manager then, Presto!, he was in the pick-off...

    Good luck:wink2:
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    Why would you want to be a pickoff? The job sucks. But either way, it's a seniority thing. When your pick off goes and does something else, then you're probably next in line. But it's seniority.
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    pick off doesnt suck at all..dont know what planet your on..i happen to love the loading, unloading..being on the sort more more more type ins every night....
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    Yea, that does not sound fun at all
  18. NY11725

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    A guy in our building did it this way...

    He became a driver and then really :censored2: off the center manager then, Presto!, he was in the pick-off...

    Good luck:wink2:[/QUOTE]

    I wouldnt take the chance of doing it that way..sounds like he got lucky...I would just stay loading and gain seniority on that belt..and then eventually ull get up
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    Haha, no one likes picking off on my belt...well, now they will since its getting colder and their is a heater up top. I haven't taken the test or anything but I know all six of our trucks so I could pick off.
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    I guess I am the only one who drooled over the postion then :)

    thats how it was with me...I knew the sort way before I even wanted to pick off...but when I found out about one of the main pick offs leaving...I JUMPED...noooo..I SPRINTED on it...went right to my manager he had me write a short letter why I wanted it and why I feel i would be good...turned it in...1 week later..the main backup became I got lucky I im up top and loving more eregs...misloads..type ins... weeeee