How does the vacation progression work?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by oldpaddy, May 16, 2007.

  1. oldpaddy

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    I started back in february 04 on preload, and progressed to driver last May. So how many sick/personal/vacation days should I expect this year?

  2. Harry Manback

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    The same amount you bid last november. If you were still part time when you last bid your vacation, you only get a 20 hr check or 4 hour personal. If, you last bid whilst you were full time, you'll get full time pay. I may be wrong, but I don't think you'll get any extra weeks until you get 10 years of service in.(Someone here can set you straight if i'm mistaken on that) Keep in mind when you go full time, you seniority rolls back to nil and your on the bottom of the pole. You'll be bidding against all the big dogs, don't be surprised when you get all the leftover crap weeks. Hope this helps.
  3. oldpaddy

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    I'm not talking about the vacation bidding process. I'm curious about how long it takes to get two, three, etc. weeks of vaca/per/sick days.
    I know that after my first year of part time seniority I recieved a weeks worth of vaca and a weeks worth of per/sick days.
    Last year (I believe) I should've recieved two weeks of vacation days, plus per/sick days, but I became a full time driver and was paid out on my preload vac/per/sick days.
    Somone told me that my preload seniority counts towards my vac/per/sick days progression. Does anyone know if that's true, and what the progresion schedule is?
  4. 705red

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    1 year should be 1 week vaca and 1 optional week for a total of 2 weeks, then another week at 5 years and another week at 9 years and then 15 years. Im not sure if you get another 1 at 20 years or 21 then 1 more at 25 for a total of 7 in the chicago area. If your steward was any good he should have came and meet you by now and handed you a copy of your contract. Just ask him and he will get you 1.
  5. Cementups

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    It's been a long time since I got my 2nd week so I couldn't tell you 100% when you acquire that 2nd one. But after that you get a 3rd week at 10 years and a week every 5 years after up to 6 weks of vacation. You will max out at 6 plus 1week personal and 1 week sick, totalling 8 weeks off per year. The time frame is based off total company seniority and not FT or PT status.

    My seniority date is July 29, 1993 so when I pick vacations next year in January I will get 3+1 and must pick that +1 week after my seniority date.
  6. 705red

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    You get sick days?
  7. krash

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    I guess oldpadday needs to specify where he is located.
    Here, it's:
    1 year= 1wk vac, 1 opt wk, 1 personal
    2 year= 2wk vac, 1 opt wk, 1 personal
    10 year= 3wk vac, 1 opt wk, 1 personal
    15 year= 4wk vac, 1 opt wk, 1 personal
    20 year= 5wk vac, 1 opt wk, 1 personal
    25 year= 6wk vac, 1 opt wk, 1 personal
    Top out

    *Your option week can be taking 1 of 3 ways.
    1) You take the pay/58 hours
    2) You take it as a vac week/58 hours
    3) You take it as 7 individual 8 hour days to use at YOUR discretion when ever you want and mngt cannot do a thing about it.

    Now, I'd have to ck, but I believe new hire PTers do not receive the op week till after 3 years of service under the current contract
  8. oldpaddy

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    Thanks guys for all the help.
    I just recieved my pay stub and I ended up with 2 weeks of vaca and 2 weeks of sick/personal days.
    Nice! One day I may even be able to take one.
  9. its a little different but not by much here in the northeast (at least for PTimers)

    1 year = 1 week, 5 sick days and 3 personal days
    2 years = 2 weeks, the rest continues on I believe

    You can use some personal days combined with your sick days to form an optional week of vacation, keep them and use them when you want or just take the money

    the vacation schedule is the same I believe

    oh just out of curiosity krash how do you guys get paid for 58 hrs? just seems like an odd number
  10. krash

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    Well, Op 1 & 2 is 58 hours. Op 3 is 7 days at 8 a day which equals 56. They figured they would offer two more hours for 1 & 2 to try and steer folks away from picking 3. Think about multiple drivers calling in Friday telling them they wanna use an op day and Management has no recourse but to suck it up:w00t: