How does this new contract effect part timers?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Ant12, Apr 24, 2014.

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    What are the raises and how often will they get one? Is the starting pay now 10.50? I was seasonal and my technical hiring date is january 16th after they kept me. Am I eligible for a retrocheck for working @8.50 an hour? And when would my raises be? They didn't tell me :censored2: about this new contract lol
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    Starting pay is $10.00, raises are every year I believe. Pretty sure you should be reading the contract rather than asking around here. It'll have all the answers you seek.
  3. Ant12

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    Where could I find it?
  4. BryantheLion

    BryantheLion I leef deengs up n boot dem down

  5. Ant12

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  6. Ant12

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    So I apply under the new contract since I was hired after aug 2013. Start pay is then 10$. I've been getting paid 8.50$. Now that the contract passed should I be getting a retrocheck for 1.50$ for every hour worked?
  7. cosmo1

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    Or maybe not.

    Ask your steward.
  8. BryantheLion

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    Yes, the only thing I'm uncertain of is if they'll pay you for the hours AFTER you made seniority or as soon as you started working.
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    No, he gets .50 a year on date of seniority until next contract in Aug 2014

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    We get a complementary 4 year progression now if we ever get to full time drive.
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  11. wilberforce15

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    Your pay is now half of the starting pay of a new guy 30 years ago.

  12. No it isn't.
  13. wilberforce15

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    Yes, it is. Take the $8.50 from the early 80's and apply a simple, conservative adjustment for inflation, and you have a starting wage near $20/hr to start right now.

    This new contract increased the starting wage so that it's now up to half of what it was. It was less than that.

    You could work part-time at UPS and pay for college and your apartment on that alone. Now you can't pay for either of those by themselves, forget both.

    This is the first thing that crosses my mind when a driver complains about the work of someone who makes 1/10th of his check.

    Sorry for the side-tracking. I just wanted the new guy to know where he stands.
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  14. Monkey Butt

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    I did a current value calculation earlier this year and it was a little over $18/hour using the actual inflation rates. $20 is pretty close.
  15. brownmonster

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    The starting wage for part timers will only increase when demand exceeds supply. The hubs are always staffed at the current wage.
  16. wilberforce15

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    The hubs are always staffed....with people who have no reason to care about their jobs, because it's no different than any other crap job.

    The starting wage for part-timers will increase when the union fights for it. Part-timers will join and vote once somebody thinks they matter and tries to get them to.

    You wanna talk about supply of labor - the line for a job at my hub 30 years ago went around the corner and down the street. Today, tour groups are made up of people who couldn't hack it at McDonald's or had some traumatic event in their lives that forced them to scrape the bottom of the barrel and come here. Is that really what we want?
  17. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    Apparently it's working.
  18. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut This Is The Last Stop

    For who?
  19. jaker

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    Am I missing the part about ups needs to contact you to let you know your route is out
  20. brownmonster

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    Until people stop accepting crap jobs, crap jobs will continue to exist. UPS is not the only part time job out there. I have a kid making 20 plus an hour bartending and the other 2 in college making 9 plus an hour sitting part time at a desk.