how is SUREPOST done in your building

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  1. What is the surepost process like in your building?

    The guy who does ours also loads 3 trucks + surepost he is our other steward so of course managment is out to get him. Everytime he gets a misload they are quick to complain and write up. He is trying to make the case that the clerk should do surepost or atleast have him do only 2 trucks + surepost.

    So question is surepost done in your building and how can i help him fight this battle with managment?

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    That's going to vary from facility to facility. I work in a rather large building, and we have a half dozen employees dedicated to SurePost, adding more when it necessitates, or working in other capacity when volume is light. A friend of mine works SurePost in another local facility; he's the only persons (sans Peak) and also has the responsibility of loading a trailer full of 1,000+ ARS pieces...
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    Tell him to load the 3 trucks by the methods and let the surepost fall behind. They will get someone over there to handle it. This way he can concentrate on loading and misloads. If he is a steward, than he should know how to handle this. Document any and everybody that helps him load or close his trucks. If it is only him, than he should work at a pace to which he has no misloads. Remember no misloads, no leverage, no worries. Him being a steward should give him the misload count for each and every preloader for each day. With this info, he can be sure that he is not being singled out for being a steward and that all the preloaders are being treated UNFAIRLY equally. Good to see you sticking up for and wanting to help out your steward.
  4. Yea we are in a small 20-25 truck opperation he has done surepost for a long time and is quite efficient at it. Though of course, trying to trip him up anyway possible, they make him use the small sort bin and push him to do things differently than what he is already efficient at. None of the supervisors or managment know how to do surepost so i tell him if they try to start with him to step aside and ask for a demonstration which of course they will not be able to do.

    Does anyone else from a small building have this problem?
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    we have about 6 people who do the sure post in our building. They help out in small sort when they are light. None of them load cars or anything like that
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    How many pieces does he load in SurePost? His three trucks?

    We have six SurePost baggers and nearly 400 trucks in my facility... a ratio of more than 1:66, vs. your 1:25. Of course, pieces matter most.

    We also use the small sort bins... we use pre-printed labels to scan SurePost, but we're suppose to begin using the NextGen technology shortly to scan them with, since the pre-printed labels don't stick well.
  7. I would say about 100-300 pieces of surepost...i am actually the one who loads the bags into by truck and the bags can range anywhere from 25-50 bags+ were in a small town and service other small towns around us i think he only does about 6-7 different post offices one being the majority of the volume. So the small sort bin is unecessary and just slows him down but when he doesnt use it they tell him he is being insubordinate. But his conditions are being actually outside on the ground next to his truck in the hot/cold/rain/snow/dark constantly going up and down between loading trucks and scaning/loading the bags missing pieces on the belt stacking out and so on. I think it is ridiculous to be going back and forth like that as many times our belt volume is so heavy i dont even know how he does it!

    We are trying to fight for saftey issues and trying to get him only 3 trucks or surepost + 2 trucks. But again we both are the preload shop stewards so any misloads they can pin on him they will. The surepost should be done by the clerk or hire someone else and redistribute the work.
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    Since the union doesn't recognize production standards, you couldn't use benchmarking vs. similar jobs to lessen his workload. Instead, his benchmark will be based upon how fast he's working & how much work he's completing. Once he sets that bechmark, he'll be expected to maintain it. But there's no safety issue here.

    If I were him, I'd work as directed and do the best that I could do. If my performance happened to slow, and management attempt to write me up for delay of load, I'd point out that I was asked to use the small sort bin and improve my misload performance, both of which slowed me down. There's nothing they could do other than get me help & continue to make my life miserable (which will happen one way or another).
  9. Yea its sucks when your a good worker because then its expected...

    Thats a good idea though to just get blown out and mess up their numbers at that point a decsion will have to be made to get his number back up. We also had the idea of filing a grievence on his misloads even before they can write him up.

    But BIG thanks to all the responses i will be sure to continue fighting-the-good-fight